Five on Friday

I cannot believe it is already Friday, we are now down to just 1 more week of summer.   Linking up with my favs  Darci, Natasha, Christina, and April for 5 on Friday. 
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 


This weekend is Joshua's Baptism.  I have been so busy prepping for the gathering we are having here at the house after.  Getting this house clean and ready has taken me much longer than it should.  I have been going off on these crazy detours like HAVING to go through ALL of our old boy baby clothes (6 years worth) and organizing them better for when we need them for Joshua.  I also found it necessary to rearrange the furniture in the playroom.  All of these things were completely unnecessary to do this week.


I am sort of eating my words here, because I have said in the past that I HATE over the door shoe hangers, well then I used one in our hall closet and it has worked out so well I just bought another one.  This time, for my pantry.  I am still working on getting my pantry ready for the school year, and will reveal and share next week hopefully.  Let's just say, as soon as I started filling the pockets I fell in love.  


One more week of summer, that's it.  I can't believe it.  Although I will say, I am a little excited to get a few hours each week with just Joshua, who usually naps during those hours, so it may actually become a little time to myself, being able to really get something accomplished.  Lately, I just feel like I move all day, work, become exhausted, but nothing gets done.  I have big plans for the first few weeks of September. The playroom is screaming for a big clean out.  Also I have been starting to make my own set of printables for my home management binder, and really want to get them finished!


I am so excited this girl started a blog!  We were connected at the hip through high school, we now live hours away, and haven't seen each other in such a long time.  When we were kids we used to talk about marrying best friends, having kids at the same time and living right next to each other. She still means the world to me, and her family is so beautiful.  Oh and I think I secretly hope her Noelle marries JD someday!   Go say hi!  

{Kelly and I the day of our High School Graduation.  Oh how I loved that dress, and the body of an 18 year old who hadn't had any children....Ha!}


If you haven't already grabbed my School Lunch Calendar Printable, go check it out!  I am loving it, and now just need to make some time to sit and start planning! 

Here's to hoping I get everything done today, and can enjoy Joshua baptism and time with family this weekend!  And Sunday I just may try to escape and go shop ALONE for a few hours!


  1. Shoe rack in the pantry??? I like! That'd be great for snacks. I hope my new pantry is wide enough :)

  2. Great idea with the shoe rack Momma! Can't believe summer is almost over, hellooooo fall ;)

    IG: megawat

  3. Great organization idea with the shoe rack on the door!!! I also totally feel you on the doing things that don't need to be done right before a big event. I rearranged my closet and my husband's closet the week before my daughter's first birthday party! Why I still don't know! :)
    New to your blog - found you through the 5 on Friday link up. Your kids are just beautiful! I'm a new (that still counts after 15mo right?) mom to my daughter Caroline and I've been home with her since the beginning. Looking forward to reading your posts!

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  5. Thanks for the shout out AND inspiration to start my own blog! You know I love reading about that beautiful family of yours and deep down inside we will always be connected at the hip!