Chores For Our Kids

I have decided it it time to really implement a chore system in our home.  I decided on the Erin Condren Functional Family System, but there are so many ways to track chores.  I have pinned some of my favorites, and you can take a look at them below.

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While I LOVE the look of the functional family system, I am not sold on how expensive it is, and think there are great DIY chore charts, as well as free printables.  

I don't know about you, but for me the hardest part of creating a chore chart is finding tasks that are age appropriate and determining how many chores to give each child.  I decided assigning a few chores that all the kids are expected to do each and every day, a few that are specific to that child each day/week, and a few that are rotating chores, changing out who completes the task each week.

In the video I go into more detail of what tasks I have assigned my children, and how I hope a chore chart will work.  I will do a follow up video in a month or so to let you know how it is going.  In the meantime I thought I would share a few ideas I have for chores that are ideal for specific ages.  Of course this isn't one size fits all and each child is different, so you have to think about what would work for your child.  It may also take a few weeks of doing the tasks together before they "get" it.  I have a few tasks where my bigger kids are mentors, and are helping teach my toddler how to complete the task.

While doing research I actually came across this list from Jamerrill at Free Homeschool Deals, and it's perfect.  So instead of reinventing the wheel, I highly suggest you check out her list HERE!

Another huge topic when discussing chores, is rewards.... they go hand in hand.  To hear my thoughts on rewards, well it's all explained in the video below!

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Finding Planner Peace and Giveaway!

My thoughts on planner peace is that the term is just that....words.  I think if you are a person who is into paper planning and even consider it a hobby, it will always be changing and evolving as you grow and your needs change.  When I first had Matthew and we literally sat in the house pretty much all day every day, I had no need for a planner.  Now with 3 kids, all in activities, a very busy schedule for my husband, a passion for my YouTube Channel, and everything in between my needs have change.

Currently I am using my Erin Condren Life Planner.  I love it, and have used one since 2010.  However, while I consider to be in planner peace with my home and family planning, I want to keep all my social media, blogging, and YouTube things separate which I am still searching for a solution.

I also wanted to take a moment to THANK anyone who has used my referral links to purchase a planner.  I truly hope you LOVE it, and are happy with the product.  I personally try to stay away from the sponsored posts or receiving things for free, because I just don't see how your opinion isn't a bit jaded compared to someone who purchases the product.  I can't say I will never do these posts or accept sponsorship/free products, as I don't know, but at this point I don't.

I am using some of my referral credits to give back to you.  I have 2 giveaways posted, on for a $50 Erin Condren Gift Card, and another for $60 shop credit for Inkwell Press ( USA ONLY).  You may enter both giveaways, however when picking winners at random, I will be sure the winners are not duplicated.

I am also running a separate giveaway on Instagram, so if you want even more chances head that way as well!

Here is a list of all the planners mentioned in the video below.

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How To Organize Stickers

As I have developed my paper planning into more of a creative outlet/hobby I have collected a large amount of stickers.  From functional planning stickers, to seasonal decorative stickers, they all need a place to "live"  My friend Kim from Living The Wife Life gave me the idea to use a Jonathan Adler Presentation Book (mine was found at Barnes and Noble) to store stickers.  I have loved that system, but have also added in using a simple accordion file folder to use my most reached for stickers.

Most stickers I tend to use in my planner are from Etsy.  This unfortunately like most hobbies is not cheap, but it's my thing, and I love it!  I almost always am waiting on a package to arrive, and lets face it, Mail makes me happy!

The thing with most sticker Etsy shops, the processing time before shipment can be a long wait.  It can be frustrating, but just be sure you order in advance of when you will need a certain sticker.

Now, for some favorite Etsy Shops.

1. Krissyannedesigns  - This is by far my favorite shop, and where I have most of my stickers from.  From the quality to Customer Service, and everything in between Kristen has nailed it.  Unfortunately you will see her shop is on a short break.  I may be going through withdrawal already, but I will be sure to let you all know when she is back (after making my first LARGE order of course!).

2.  lilliehenry  - Another very popular, and well reviewed shop, her stickers do not disappoint.  The quality is outstanding!

3. SribblePrintsCo  - I love how functional these stickers are.  With a glossy texture, these are a bit different than my other favorites.  I love the monthly themed sticker sheets.  

4. stickerswashiandmore - I think my very first sticker purchase off Etsy was from this shop.  I love her simple designs, and have always had great customer service from her shop as well.

Other places I find stickers for my planner are, Target, Container Store, Paper Source, Michaels, Hobby Lobby.

I hope the video below helps show how I categorize and organize my growing sticker collection.

**I am in no way sponsored or given products from Erin Condren's website. I do receive credits for purchases made through my referral link (anyone can gain referrals!) which I use to purchase new products. Any Etsy shops mentioned or stickers have all been purchased with my own money.

January Recap and February Goals 2015

January started of with Joshua Turning 2.  He really loved the show Paw Patrol, so I attempted to create his cake to match.  It was a struggle, but making the kids cakes myself is something I try to do each birthday.

This month has been a bit chaotic in our routine and schedule.  The "snow" has caused so many delays and school cancellations.  As you can see, the amount of actual snow has been minimal, but any chance of precipitation turns our area upside down.

January has been a bit tiring as well.  My husband has been traveling for work, and it's been just me and the kiddos with no real breaks.  Let's just say that McD's sweet tea has saved my sanity a few times.

 I am excited that February is here, for no real reason in particular, other than it is one month closer to nice weather!

So for February, here are a few things I hope to accomplish.

1.  I have a few household management things I need to tie up loose ends with.  Getting everything in order after the move was put on hold during the holidays.  I have been making great progress, but still have a few things that need finished.

2.  TAXES.  Everyone hates to do them, I am no exception to that.  I am waiting on one form and then we should be able to finish them for this year!!

3.  I really want to get the kids clothing organized.  I usually wait to do this during a time when the seasons are changing, however it is too out of control.  I need to go through drawers and purge things that are not being worn or do not fit.

4.  Be consistent online.  While I don't need to post each and everyday, I do want to keep up with posting on all forms of social media.  It is hard to balance, but I have found It is easier to stick with it if I am posting regularly.

What are some of your goals for the month?  I would love to hear them in the comments below!

Also you can watch my full recap and goals video below!