A Double Dinner From the Grill.

This past weekend we grilled kabobs (minus the skewers because to me that is just too much work) and had a ton leftover.  I always make too much of this dish.  Matt always takes leftovers for the next days lunch, so he had that, with the leftover rice, and corn.  So last night I made it into a "double dinner" and reheated it in a skillet.  It was so good.  I love a nice easy dinner, and this one was fantastic because it still had that off the grill taste to it.
I made some noodles as a side, along with a nice fresh salad.
And my famous fruit salad, you know the find whatever fruit is in the house and add it in.
It made for a very simple but tasty weeknight meal!

Miscellany Monday, Where I have been.

I needed a bit of a break. I am back and ready to write and document our lives again.  Today I am linking up with Carissa at Lowecase Letters to share what we have been up to.

Miscellany Monday @
lowercase letters

one.  I turned 25 the beginning of April and had a bit of a "mid-life" crisis. It was silly really, and I am over it.  It was a combination of a lot of things, which included dental problems, and really hurting my ankle when I was just getting into a really good workout routine.  Other then the fact that my tooth still hasn't been taken care of since my husband has been out of town, I am back to normal, and loving life again!

two.  Our Easter was wonderfully simple.  It was just the 4 of us and we had a great day.

three.  Matthew started T-ball and he LOVES it.  He is so cute playing and I love being at the baseball fields, it brings back memories of summers spent watching my brother play as a child. 

four.  We recently made a trip to Pennsylvania to celebrate my niece turning 1.  It was a great trip and such a refresher.

five.  This weekend was the best we have had in awhile.  My husband was home, and Saturday was so nice.  We had baseball, washed cars, went out to dinner.  Then the storms rolled in.  It has been raining non-stop, but we need the rain, and it made for a relaxing lazy Sunday.  Church, then lots of snuggles.

six. my little girl is growing up too quickly.  I can't believe she is almost 3.  Where has the time gone.

 I hope everyone has a wonderful week!