When My Kids Are Sick.

When my kids are sick it is so draining on me.  Between being up all night, and caring for them all day, I am a sloppy mess.  My poor Lilly has a nasty virus and it is just brutal.

It starting with vomit Sunday Morning (and by morning I mean 2am when I should be sleeping not mopping up floors).  ALL day Sunday was constant throwing up and cleaning up.  I knew that there wasn't much we could do for it, other than try to make it through 24 hours, then it should have been gone.

Sunday Night we settle in, Lilly on one end of the couch, me on the other.  She was finally done with the vomiting, I thought we were in the clear, on our way to being better.  I. WAS. WRONG.


Monday she slept ALL day.  Wasn't throwing up, but still hadn't eaten anything since Saturday afternoon, and was barely drinking either.  When she finally woke up at dinner time she was complaining of her belly aching.  I needed answers.  We headed into Urgent Care.  There we were at UC from 6:30-10pm.  She was miserable.  I was exhausted.  The only thing they came up with is that she had low blood sugar (but wouldn't eat or drink AT ALL at this point) and that she was becoming dehydrated.  I felt terrible for taking her there when they really didn't do anything to make her feel better.   

I took her home.  I figured sleeping in her own bed would be better than some hospital one.  I hoped and prayed that the next morning she would wake up hungry and want to eat. THAT. DIDN'T. HAPPEN.

So yesterday morning we woke up and had the same horrible complaints of stomach pain.  she wouldn't not eat a thing.  She was barely drinking water.  Her pediatrician called to check on her.  I tried to get her to drink water through the morning, she wasn't having it.... so off to the dr. we went.

At the doctor's office, it was decided that the dehydration was going to get worse, not better.  So they started an IV of fluids.  She was not happy about it.  But then settled in with the iPad and was fine.  She even took a nap.  Sitting there watching her sleep, all I could think was how badly I wanted this virus to be done, to leave my poor baby alone.  For something, anything to make her feel better.

I took her home, and she slept most of the afternoon.  Not wanting to be bothered.  And here we are at day 4 of not eating.  and yet again I sit here hoping that when she wakes up she is magically all better and ready for a big breakfast.

2 Month Check-up

Last week was Joshua's 2 month check-up, and he was quite the show off.  He was his smiley cute self with our awesome pediatrician (I honestly love her even more every time we see her) and he rolled from his belly to his back when she was playing with him!  It was his first roll over, and so cute :)

He is now 23.5 inches tall (59%) and 11lbs 12oz (28%).  His weight is looking so much better than last check-up so there are no more concerns there.  He is hitting all milestones currently, and is such a social lil guy.  The only concerns we had was eye focusing and following, which she said he is fine, and it will continue to improve.

Joshua is also trying to become a thumb sucker.  He takes the pacifier (which is what I prefer, so I can take it away eventually), but when it isn't in he tries so hard to get that little thumb in his mouth.  I have also noticed in the past few days that he really prefers to be in a sitting position when he is awake so he can see what his big brother and sister are up to.

Here is a comparison picture of when we took him to the doctor at 2 weeks and now at 2 months.


Matt Turned 29!

Friday we celebrated my husband's birthday!  He was oh so lucky and got to spend most of his birthday on an airplane!  Fun times, right?  So the kids and I wanted to make it extra special when he did get home.

We went to the airport to pick him up with balloons in hand. 

After we picked him up, we went out to dinner, and then home for cake and presents.  The kids decided he wanted a football cake, so that is what I made.

Matt means so much to the 4 of us, and we really wanted to make the day as special as possible.  He works so hard to give us such a wonderful life, and we are so thankful.

Happy Birthday Matt!


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Unplanned Moments.

This past weekend we took the opportunity to spend some time with Matt on a show site.  He had a 4 hour window on Sunday where if we went to the Kennedy Center (where the event was taking place) he could spend time with us.  The event was Nordic Cool and was really neat.  The photo below is made completely out of legos....

They also had lego tables set up for the kids, and IPads.  The kids loved it.

 {Lilly's Lego creation}

{Even with all the cool activities, there favorite part was getting to spend time with their Daddy}

We also took advantage of the BEAutiful weather, with a walk out on the Terrace Level.  It has some great views of the city, and the river.

Joshua obviously didn't really realize where he was, but also had a good afternoon.

{he is too cute, right!}

It was a completely unplanned day.  We had planned on Matt working, and after church I was just going to go home and hang with the kids for the day.  I RARELY do anything that isn't written in my planner, organized for weeks in advance.  It was a great day, and makes me realize that sometimes the best day/moments are those that just happen.  I need to go with the flow more often, and not be afraid or stressed out about knowing every little detail of a location or event.

Oh, and this is just another reason I love this city, oh you know, random Sunday spent at the Kennedy Center, hanging out.  No Big Deal.


This past week has been a little odd. I am linking up with life rearranged to share some instagram pics from our week.

Joshua turned two months old this week and we are all really excited about it.  His pediatrician appointment isn't until next week, so I don't have any stats yet.

This week we did have to deal with the pediatrician this week, for Matthew.  He woke up Tuesday morning with pink eye.  Thankfully, we have an awesome Dr. and we didn't have to go in for an appointment, just to the pharmacy to pick up the drops.  He is already back to his old self, and so far {fingers crossed} no one else is showing any symptoms.

On Sunday we needed to do some shopping, so we went to Ikea to replace a rug we had to throw out, and then we headed to Buy Buy Baby.  I haven't been to one yet, and it is insane!  Look at all those diaper bags.  I already have 4.  2 of which are very expensive and nice, so I just looked.  I do love diaper bags though!

On Wednesday we were supposed to get a huge blizzard, the entire metro DC was closed down.  School was cancelled.  Since we live west of the city, we did get more snow/ice/mix than anyone else, but it was no blizzard.  Thursday school was also cancelled, but the snow was melted and roads clear.  It was fun while it lasted. 

As for our weekend we don't have much planned.  I am going to catch up on housework, since most of this week I was playing nurse Mommy. 

Joshua - 2 Months


It is so crazy how long and tiring each days seems, but here we are already at two months, in what seems like the blink of an eye.  It is so true that while the days may seem long, the years pass so quickly.

Each little toe and finger is growing by the day.  The newness has worn off, and Joshua is becoming so much more alert and playful.  He now notices the world around him, and is taking it all in.

He continues to eat really well, and go a full 10 hour stretch at night without a feeding.  We are still working on sleeping that entire 10 hours, and being in his own bed/room.

He still has his full head of hair, with no real sign of falling out.  His baby ache is fading with the help of some lotion. 

His big blue eyes are just to die for.  Something I don't see changing, as Matthew, Lilly and myself all have the same. 

We were using the monkey as a prop to get him to smile, but he actually grabbed onto it and put it to his mouth.  He is also trying sooo hard to get out giggles.  He is so close, but when he tries we get these adorable smiles.

I don't know all the stats, we go for the 2 month check up next week.  I do know one thing, he is still absolutely perfect to us!  He is such a wonderful addition to our family, and such a good, easy baby.

"Sometimes it's the littlest things that take up the most room in your heart"
Winnie the Pooh

Blankey Babies

Both Matthew and Lilly were both blankey babies. So I just figure Joshua will be as well.  It is so fun looking back through old pictures of the kids with there favorite thing. It is also funny to see how badly the blankets have faded, and been beat up over the years.

It took Matthew the longest to get attached to his, I would say it was around 4 or 5 months.

{Our trip to Disney, sleeping with Blankey on the ferry ride.}

With Lilly she was pretty much attached to hers from day one.
{Matthew and Lilly with both of there blankeys}

{Lilly with her blanket dressed up like a kitten for Halloween}

So deciding on a blanket for Joshua was kind of a big deal for me.  I wanted something sturdy but also soft and snuggly.  I found the one below at Nordstrom and love it. 

Now both Matthew and Lilly only use their blankets at bedtime and if we are watching a movie.  We also let them take them in the car if we are making a long trip.  We really haven't discussed taking them away at all.  I would love to have something left of them to put in their box of baby items.  I don't think it is something we will push, because I don't see it as a problem right now. 

The Mom I Want To Be.

I have been at this mom thing for 5+ years, you would think by now I would have it mastered.  But I don't.  Honestly some days I feel like I am back at day one with Matthew, knowing nothing, trying to figure it all out.

At the end of so many days I wonder what more could I have done, did I spend too much time looking at my phone, was I short with Lilly, did I hold Joshua enough.  I always doubt my abilities of being a good mom.  Matt always says that is how I should know I am good.  Always wanting to be better for my children, never feeling like I am giving them enough.

I have wanted to be a mom my whole life.  Is it everything I dreamed it would be, no.  It is so much busier and hectic than I imagined.  Someone always needs something.  I just hope I am taking advantage of all the free moments we get to enjoy it.  Enjoy the random dance parties in the kitchen while making dinner, enjoy sitting at the baseball fields in the freezing cold watching Matthew play a game he loves, enjoy listening to Lilly read me book after book all day long, and enjoy the moments when Joshua is awake smiling sweetly at me 2am in the morning.  Not taking ANY of it for granted.

Most of all I hope one day my kids are proud of me.  Looking at me the way I look at my own mother.  Seeing the sacrifices and time I took to make their little childhoods as perfect as possible.  I hope my daughter grows up and wants to be a mommy, and wants to stay home to raise them, because that is what I did for her.  I hope my sons grow up to support their wives if staying home is what they chose to do.  I hope they look back with nothing but wonderful memories of this time.

I just need to remind myself is that all my kids what is for me to be me.  Not beat myself up over the things I don't do, embrace the things I do well.  I may not sit and play with my kids all day long, but I do let them go and play using their imaginations for hours in the afternoon, making gigantic messes of their rooms.  I may over schedule/obsess over mealtimes and bedtimes, but they have a routine that makes them feel secure, knowing everyday what to expect.  I am so lucky for the 3 greatest blessings in my life, and I know that they love me no matter what (even when Lilly tells me otherwise) and that I also have a wonderful supportive husband who thinks I am doing a great job.  And that is all that matters.

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