Joshua - 2 Months


It is so crazy how long and tiring each days seems, but here we are already at two months, in what seems like the blink of an eye.  It is so true that while the days may seem long, the years pass so quickly.

Each little toe and finger is growing by the day.  The newness has worn off, and Joshua is becoming so much more alert and playful.  He now notices the world around him, and is taking it all in.

He continues to eat really well, and go a full 10 hour stretch at night without a feeding.  We are still working on sleeping that entire 10 hours, and being in his own bed/room.

He still has his full head of hair, with no real sign of falling out.  His baby ache is fading with the help of some lotion. 

His big blue eyes are just to die for.  Something I don't see changing, as Matthew, Lilly and myself all have the same. 

We were using the monkey as a prop to get him to smile, but he actually grabbed onto it and put it to his mouth.  He is also trying sooo hard to get out giggles.  He is so close, but when he tries we get these adorable smiles.

I don't know all the stats, we go for the 2 month check up next week.  I do know one thing, he is still absolutely perfect to us!  He is such a wonderful addition to our family, and such a good, easy baby.

"Sometimes it's the littlest things that take up the most room in your heart"
Winnie the Pooh

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