Friday Letters

Dear Spring, WHERE ARE YOU???  I am so ready for warmer weather, trips to the park, and walks outside.  

Dear kids in my neighborhood, I really can't stand you.  Although it is not your fault, you don't know better, but your parents should.  Being supervised by an adult would most likely stop you from acting immature and obnoxious.  Why your parents are not outside with you is beyond me, and something I lose sleep over.  I would could never leave me kids unattended playing in our neighborhood.  And please stop leaving trash on the playground, it is just gross!

Dear little family of mine, well we are not that little anymore, but anyway.....I love you all so much.  It is so wonderful being your wife/mother.  I love taking care of you all.  But I will say for some reason the laundry piles have been much higher lately.  I swear I am spending most of my free time in the laundry room trying to stay caught up.  If y'all could only wear 1 outfit per day I would appreciate it....I know that is a lot to ask!

Dear Joshua, your smile is AMAZING.  Now that your baby ache is gone, you are so much cuter (that is so mean I know, but true) and more cuddly!  We are coming up on 2 months!!!!  You are truly my baby, and hope you don't mind that it's going to be the case for the next of 30 years :)
Dear March, I am excited for you.  Lots of fun things happening this month.  Matt and I's 6 year anniversary, Matt also turns 29....eekkkk, March Madness, my favorite time of year!, Spring break, which we are spending traveling to see family, and EASTER!!!!  

Dear Blog, I kind of just got really excited.  I have been typing away, and you have successfully helped me avoid the box of vanilla wafers sitting next to me.....SCORE!    

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