2 Month Check-up

Last week was Joshua's 2 month check-up, and he was quite the show off.  He was his smiley cute self with our awesome pediatrician (I honestly love her even more every time we see her) and he rolled from his belly to his back when she was playing with him!  It was his first roll over, and so cute :)

He is now 23.5 inches tall (59%) and 11lbs 12oz (28%).  His weight is looking so much better than last check-up so there are no more concerns there.  He is hitting all milestones currently, and is such a social lil guy.  The only concerns we had was eye focusing and following, which she said he is fine, and it will continue to improve.

Joshua is also trying to become a thumb sucker.  He takes the pacifier (which is what I prefer, so I can take it away eventually), but when it isn't in he tries so hard to get that little thumb in his mouth.  I have also noticed in the past few days that he really prefers to be in a sitting position when he is awake so he can see what his big brother and sister are up to.

Here is a comparison picture of when we took him to the doctor at 2 weeks and now at 2 months.


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