Wordless Wednesday: Fire Station Field Trip

 Matthew's Preschool class got to take a field trip to the fire station, and I got to tag along to help.  I am so glad I did because the firemen did a great job of making it an amazing experience for our kids.  They got to sit in everything, check it all out, take a tour of the station, see a man get into his gear, and watch a man climb on the roof.
 Their eyes got bigger and bigger as the ladder kept rising.  The Fireman on the roof was waving,
 And they of course waived back.
 It was a wonderful morning spent with my little man. 

A Morning in the City.

 We live in such a great area.  We are far enough from the city to sometimes forget it is there (unfortunately the traffic is a reminder) but so close that driving in for Sunday Brunch is easy.

Last weekend we headed into Downtown DC to see some family and spend the morning walking the streets then stopped for a fantastic brunch.  When there I sometimes secretly wished we lived downtown but 1. it would be so difficult with kids.  2. I realize that there are many negatives to living in the city, and 3.  I don't have a million dollars to spend on a home (and if I did I would buy my MUCH larger million dollar home here in NoVA!)

 Lilly playing on my phone, the kids sat for hours while we ate and chatted the morning away.
 Matt and Kurt.  We ate at an amazing restaurant and got to sit and people watch those at Eastern Market.

 My amazing meal.  It was SO good.

 Inside Eastern Market.

It was a great day, and a great way to spend a warm sunny spring morning.

Growing up.

 Matthew is growing up. 
And I can't stop it.
 It's hard because I am excited to see the wonderful future, but am not looking forward to the change.  He has 9 more preschool days.
 I swear we just leaped into this whole school thing last week.  This week we went and registered him for Kindergarten.  He is so excited and loved getting to see where he will go when he is 5. 

 (Wacky Wednesday at school, all he would let me do is gel his hair)

I can't believe the time has come.  Starting this fall he will be gone from 8:30 until 3:30.  Most of the day. 

He has been such a big helper lately, and independent.  He takes such wonderful care of his little sister too.  She is going to be like a lost puppy without him here in the fall. 

 Every mom says it but the time really is flying by.