Growing up.

 Matthew is growing up. 
And I can't stop it.
 It's hard because I am excited to see the wonderful future, but am not looking forward to the change.  He has 9 more preschool days.
 I swear we just leaped into this whole school thing last week.  This week we went and registered him for Kindergarten.  He is so excited and loved getting to see where he will go when he is 5. 

 (Wacky Wednesday at school, all he would let me do is gel his hair)

I can't believe the time has come.  Starting this fall he will be gone from 8:30 until 3:30.  Most of the day. 

He has been such a big helper lately, and independent.  He takes such wonderful care of his little sister too.  She is going to be like a lost puppy without him here in the fall. 

 Every mom says it but the time really is flying by. 


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