Kids Gift Guide 2016

Shopping for Holiday presents for kids should be stress free and fun.  Today I am sharing the TOP 10 non electronic toys, games and books that we love to give as gifts, and some of my favorites the kids have received as well.

1. LandEnd Tote Bags - These are a great practical gift that can be used for years!

2. Kids Sleeping Bags - A fun, excited, unique option that my kids love getting in the past.
3. Board Games - We give board games every year.  This year my kids have asked for Splendor, Blokus, and other board games they can all play together.

4. Art Sets - This is a great gift if you are afraid you are going to duplicate something a child already has.  You can't have enough art supplies!

5. Books - In my opinion you can never go wrong with the gift of books.  Here are some series books my kids are loving! Harry Potter , Wimpy Kid , Critter Club , Amelia Bedelia , Big Book of Why
6. Scooter - My kids LOVE their scooters and it is a big ticket item for a low ticket price!  We are actually buying our kids new ones this year.  One in PINK for Lilly, and once in BLUE for Matthew.
7. Science kits (soaps):
Science Kit (chemistry):
8. Train Sets - We started buying pieced of the Thomas The Train Wooden Railway back in 2009 when Matthew was only 2.  We have quite the assortment now, because each holiday we were able to add it it! My current favorite set is the Thomas The Train (Santa's Workshop).
9. Legos - A classic gift that never seems to go out of style.  All 3 of my kids, different ages and gender, LOVE playing Legos!  

10.  Gift Cards - I am a huge fan of giving tweens / teens what they want..... MONEY!  If the form of cash or gift cards, you cannot go wrong, and they can then enjoy their time picking something they want.

If you would like to see more you can watch the video below!

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