Scattered Brain.

{View from our House Rental - OBX 2012}

Lately, my mind has not been to sharp.  I have so many things and lists and craziness going on up there, and it is really becoming overwhelming.

In the next few weeks I will be dealing with, The Last Day of School, Lillian's 4th Birthday, Packing for and getting everything ready for vacation.... just to name a few things.  Looking here I feel like it isn't that much.

The thing is, is that packing 2 adults and 3 kids and everything we need for a week away, plus figuring out meals is so overwhelming I don't even know where to start.  So I end up getting nothing accomplished, if that even makes sense.

Don't get me wrong I LOVE the beach and vacation, and the time with family.  But it is so much more added to all the regular stuff.

So how do you do it, how do you get through procrastination, preparing for a big trip, tackling projects when you feel like you just have too much going on??

Please I would love advice and would love to know how other Mama's handle it!

Midweek Confessions - Tired Mama.

This week I am linking up with Elizabeth for some midweek confessions.

 1.  Below is a look into one of Lilly's drawers, her accessory drawer actually.  Yea, it is a complete disaster.  It needs some organization, but I just. don't. care.

2. I swear I have said the sentence, I'm Tired.  a million times this week already.  Sad thing is, my 4 month old sleeps entirely through the night, every night.  I have no room to complain.

3.  Speaking of my adorable baby boy, he got his first boo boo this week.  I looked down one day and saw blood on my leg, for the life of me I could not figure out what was bleeding.  Turns out it was his little bitty toe.  Man that thing caused a ton of blood.  Later in the day I looked in his exercauser and saw this....that's right blood all in the bottom of it.  I still have no clue how it happened, and (smh, I can't believe I am writing this) even worse I have yet to clean up the dried blood mess, I know....

4.  Last week my hubs and I realized that we had no plans for the long weekend.  We started talking plans of things we could do as a family.  Somehow it has turned into my kids heading to their grandparents house, and Matt and I leaving for a weekend alone.  Away from the kids, doing grown up things..... the true confession here, I don't even feel bad about it.

Laundry and Laughter.

Our weekend was pretty mellow.  It involved an extremely rainy, cold, wet and muddy tball game bright and early Saturday morning.  When we got home there was NO way I was making my way back out.  We all changed into pjs and relaxed the rest of the day.  I made my way through mountains of laundry, and ordered take out.

Speaking of laundry.... my math doesn't seem to add up here, but we added one more child to our house, yet if feels like our laundry has tripled.  It is something I am really struggling to keep up with.  I thought I finished everything today and was caught up, yet I sit here and see an almost full hamper again.  I. Just. Can't. Keep. Up.

Sunday I had a list of errands to run, so I took advantage of these things that "needed" to be done, and took some time to myself to do them.  I ended up only doing about half of them though, I got a call that my boys wanted to head to the baseball field to play catch.  Priorities, right!

Also it probably wasn't something that started this weekend, but little man's laugh has come to life.  All weekend he was so happy and laughing out loud!  Cutest thing ever!

Now here we are back at Monday.  I know we all wish weekends were longer. Life seems to be going in double time lately.  

Coming up next weekend is a little getaway.  Kids are going to their Grandparents, Mommy and Daddy are getting 2 nights to themselves!!

JD's New Ride

As I mentioned I got my 800th like 7th new stroller for Mother's Day.  I spent hours in Buy Buy Baby trying to decide on which one fits us best, while not completely breaking the bank since we all know this is our last baby, and will not need it for more than a few short years.

I went with the City Mini by Baby Jogger.  It has a lot of features I really like, and some I am still not so sure about.

One thing I was reluctant about was the lack of cup holders.  However, there is an attachment you can purchase. 

Also the underneath storage isn't that generous, so I bought the Petunia Pickle Bottom stroller hooks.  And it seems to be working pretty well so far.

I am in love with the sleakness and look of this stroller.  It rides so smoothly too.

My favorite feature is the fact that it folds up SO small. And to fold it up is so simple, one handed.Here is how it looks in the back of my Odyssey.  

I haven't used it too much yet, and am already looking at all the amazing attachments I can purchase for it.  I think, hopefully this is our last and final stroller! 

**This isn't a review asked to do by a company, and I wasn't compensated in any way for this, as a mom, I just like sharing what I know, and also reading reviews from others before purchasing baby gear and other products!

Trendy Tot Tuesday - Week 3

This weeks OOTD is Lillian on a day that we did nothing but housework during the day, and then spent the afternoon at the park.  It takes a lot of convincing to get her to not wear pink, frills, or a dress.  As you can see she had to sneak a bit of pink in with the headband and Crocs.
{Shirt: Old Navy /Overalls: H&M / Shoes: Crocs from Nordstrom / Headband: Target, I think}

I love dressing my kids, my boy, my girly girl, and my baby. But I have started to notice that they pay attention, kids at school are now telling my son that his shoes are Nike, instead of me just saying sneakers.  I like to buy good quality clothing.  I just do, but I don't want my kids to become "Label Lovers".  I really don't want to when they are teens have a constant battle over how much is spent on clothing.  And I REALLY don't want my children making fun of, or excluding someone because of there clothing.  Is this something anyone else thinks about or is it just me? 

I ask, because at this point I have no real answer on how to navigate through this. 

Once again I am linking up with MeganKelly, and Lindsay for Trendy Tot Tuesday!

Mother's Day 2013

First, I would love for everyone to head over to PWC Moms blog page, to see my guest blog post! The topic is finding and fitting into a playgroup. Also any other NoVA moms, this is a great resource and I highly recommend following the facebook page for great activities and events going on in Prince William County, and Northern Virginia! 

Now onto Mother's Day.

{Mother's Day 2013}

This year I think I had one of the best Mother's Day, yet.  Usually my husband is traveling for a big event for work, and not home for Mother's Day.  This year, he was in town and home for the day!  

I woke up to literally dozens of home made cards (I remind you I only have 2 children capable of making said cards), then Lilly went down into the kitchen and came back up with "breakfast" for Mommy.  I use this term lightly, as it was a paper plate (which she had colored on) with 2 Nutra-Grain bars on it.  It was adorable.

I only got a few complaints about church outfits this week, and we were out the door ON TIME for Mass.  After Mass we went to a bench in the garden area for a photo with my littles.  This only took 25 tries, and a few whines because it was too sunny, hello....winning!

Then we headed to a nice elegant Mother's Day lunch.  Oh, you know wings and deep fried pickles.... what can I say, my husband knows me, this is exactly what I wanted, no seriously, not even kidding.

{Wearing Pearls and Eating Wings. Classy, I know!}

Next was the best part of my day.  I convinced my husband that I needed yet another stroller.  I remind you that this was my exact gift last year.... Anyway, we headed to Buy Buy Baby, and I picked what I am claiming will be my last stroller ever.  I promise Hubs!

We then went home, and I put my boys to work, they did some yard work for me.  I know have NO weeds in my front yard, a new rose bush, and fresh mulch (I love fresh Mulch).

Our evening consisted of more eating.  Matt grilled up some shrimp, steak, and veggies.  It was so good, and if that wasn't enough we went after dinner for ice cream.... I really shouldn't be eating for like the next week.

It was a great family day, and I couldn't help looking around at certain moments thinking how lucky I am to be the Mama of these three wonderful children.

  Life may be really hectic at times, but always so worth it.

Teacher Appreciation 2013

Leave it to this Mama to wait till Friday to do Teacher Appreciation gift.  I did make 3 giant pans of breakfast casserole on Tuesday for a teacher breakfast.  Of course, Matthew's actual classroom teachers needed some lovin' too!

So I turned to Pinterest, obviously, and found this gem.  Here is the link to the wonderful blog with the free printable. 

Since Matthew is a Kindergartener he has a teacher and a teachers assistant.  Both have been an absolute joy, and have started Matthew off on the right start and reinforced the love of learning that Matthew has (oh how I hope that continues for years to come).


Inside the bag (which is from Bath and Body Works) is foaming hand soap and anti-bacterial hand sanitizer (both from Bath and Body Works)

I am now marking my calendar to be more prepared for end of the year gifts!

Joshua - 4 Months

 Hello smiley 4 month old baby!!!  I can't even concentrate on typing looking at that adorable face.  What can I say.  You are too cute!  Not too much is new this month.  Well, there is the fact that you are now rocking a Mohawk.  Not by mama's choice, but it is what it is, that full head of hair is starting to fall out.  I am anticipating the day it starts growing back, hoping it is the bleach blonde that both your brother and sister had.  Speaking of that head of yours, we are also dealing with cradle cap, which is no fun. 


As far as your temperament goes, you are still our easy going happy boy.  We are noticing maybe the first signs of teething, with some very random fussy spurts.  You are still sleeping through the night, and taking 3 naps per day.  You like the car, and your bed.  You love sleeping in your crib.  Which is awesome!

No stats of height and weight until next week, but you are eating (by eating I still mean just the bottle) really well, and I have no concerns. 

 We love you baby boy!!


Trendy Tot Tuesday - Week 2

Today I am going to break down where and how I shop for my kiddos.  But first and OOTD for Lillian. 

{Shirt and Legging Comb: Carters from Costco (I think) / Shoes: Unknown}

Now onto my favorite spots to shop for my littles.  

Kohls is almost always my first go to spot.  I love that they have affordable items for all my kids.  I can shop newborn, toddler, and school aged all right there.  And I think their Jumping Bean line of clothing holds up really well for staple pieces and play clothes.

Gymboree and Baby Gap I kind of group into the same category.  It is where I find special occasion pieces, church clothes, a nice sweater that I know will go with leggings from Target.  The nice additions to an outfit that make them look a little nicer.  

Old Navy is another go to for cheap play clothes.  I also love their swimwear.  Also you can't beat their price for simple plain tee shirts.

Carters.  I mean enough said.  Carters is a staple in ever newborn and infant closet I believe.  I stopped "boy" shopping there when Matthew was around 3, but I feel like I love their older sized girl items, and Lilly still gets a lot from Carters.  And, it is the only place I buy pajamas.  

H&M.  I always forget how much I like their kid clothing.  I barely shop there, but every time I do I love the items I get.

Crazy 8.  A sister store to Gymboree, it is no surprise I like them.  I will say, I almost never find boy things there.

Lands End and Macys.  Again I group these together.  When Matthew isn't wearing a Nike tee and Jeans, I turn to polo shirts which I usually find from Macys.  I also have a feeling Lands End is going to become my new best friend, as our kids school is switching to a uniform next school year (more on that another day)

There you have it.  

Once again I am linking up with MeganKelly, and Lindsay for Trendy Tot Tuesday!

Saying Goodbye To My Hometown.

This weekend Matthew and Lilly stayed in VA and had a weekend with Daddy, while JD and I packed up and headed to my parents house.  This visit was unlike any of the hundreds before, we were helping pack up my childhood home.  

The very exciting part of this is that my Mom and Dad are moving South.  Something they have wanted to do for some time now.  They will be living on a golf course, right near the shore.  It is going to be amazing for them, and make for some great spring break vacations for us :)

The tear jerking part is saying goodbye to "home".  The house I grew up in, had every elementary and high school memory in.  Too many sleep-overs to count.  A wonderful childhood, all stemming from the wonderful town in Western PA.  More than those, some of the best memories I have as an adult also come from this perfect little town, and our home.

{My engagement to Matt.  November 2006, he took me to the bell tower on the campus of the college we fell in love at, and asked me to be his wife}

{Matthew's First Christmas.  At just 4 months old, we got to wake up Christmas morning, and start all the wonderful traditions of the season, there in my parents house}

{Matthew's First Birthday.  It was so special, that we got to share the wonderful day with family, celebrating surviving the first year of parenthood, i mean a Birthday Party for our baby boy!

{Lillian's First Christmas.  In keeping up with tradition, we also celebrated our baby girls first Christmas at my parent house.  Our kids love being at their Grandma and Papa's for Christmas morning.} 

{Lillian's First Birthday.  So many celebrations have occurred here, and Lillian's birthday was no exception. We are just so lucky that my parents are so relaxed and allowed us to throw our parties for them there}  

I could go on and on.  My baby shower, my 21st birthday, where I met and fell in love with my husband.  An amazing opportunity to grow up in a small town, where everyone knew everyone.

We are so excited for their new adventure, and can't WAIT to come visit them for some beach time!  But the small town of Clarion, Pennsylvania will always have such a special place in my heart.

May Goals.

I have been having a very hard time keeping up with life lately.  Let me tell you, a family of 5 somehow creates 10 times the amount of laundry as a family of 4, explain that one....

Anyway, I have seen so many people doing monthly goals and recaps, and I thought I would give it a try.  

So, Goals for the Month of May:

1.  Start a Vacation Pack List.  This shouldn't be difficult, because it is preparing for my favorite time of the year, a week away from all the stress and craziness.  Just us, the pool, and beach.  It is a major undertaking making the list each year, preparing all the food, and getting everything ready to do...Hubs thinks all you need to do is load the car and go (lucky him!), but it takes a lot of work and I need to start soon.

2.  Set up and confirm summer camps.  Both Matthew and Lilly are doing VBS, but I need to fill out the form.  Also Matthew really wants to do Basketball camp, so I have to look into that.

3.  Wash every window and window sill in the house.  This is on my to-do list every day, and it NEVER gets done!

4.  Deep clean the inside of my van.  It is hard since it is the middle of baseball season, but it needs vacuumed so badly, and I need to organize things and get it summer ready.  Fully equipped with bug spray, and sunscreen. 

5.  Get into a workout routine before school gets out.  I was doing so good, but then life got in the way and I have worked out in weeks.  Time to get back on track!

So there we go, my first month of goals.  Hopefully I will be able to report success at the end of the month!