May Goals.

I have been having a very hard time keeping up with life lately.  Let me tell you, a family of 5 somehow creates 10 times the amount of laundry as a family of 4, explain that one....

Anyway, I have seen so many people doing monthly goals and recaps, and I thought I would give it a try.  

So, Goals for the Month of May:

1.  Start a Vacation Pack List.  This shouldn't be difficult, because it is preparing for my favorite time of the year, a week away from all the stress and craziness.  Just us, the pool, and beach.  It is a major undertaking making the list each year, preparing all the food, and getting everything ready to do...Hubs thinks all you need to do is load the car and go (lucky him!), but it takes a lot of work and I need to start soon.

2.  Set up and confirm summer camps.  Both Matthew and Lilly are doing VBS, but I need to fill out the form.  Also Matthew really wants to do Basketball camp, so I have to look into that.

3.  Wash every window and window sill in the house.  This is on my to-do list every day, and it NEVER gets done!

4.  Deep clean the inside of my van.  It is hard since it is the middle of baseball season, but it needs vacuumed so badly, and I need to organize things and get it summer ready.  Fully equipped with bug spray, and sunscreen. 

5.  Get into a workout routine before school gets out.  I was doing so good, but then life got in the way and I have worked out in weeks.  Time to get back on track!

So there we go, my first month of goals.  Hopefully I will be able to report success at the end of the month!

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