Trendy Tot Tuesday - Week 2

Today I am going to break down where and how I shop for my kiddos.  But first and OOTD for Lillian. 

{Shirt and Legging Comb: Carters from Costco (I think) / Shoes: Unknown}

Now onto my favorite spots to shop for my littles.  

Kohls is almost always my first go to spot.  I love that they have affordable items for all my kids.  I can shop newborn, toddler, and school aged all right there.  And I think their Jumping Bean line of clothing holds up really well for staple pieces and play clothes.

Gymboree and Baby Gap I kind of group into the same category.  It is where I find special occasion pieces, church clothes, a nice sweater that I know will go with leggings from Target.  The nice additions to an outfit that make them look a little nicer.  

Old Navy is another go to for cheap play clothes.  I also love their swimwear.  Also you can't beat their price for simple plain tee shirts.

Carters.  I mean enough said.  Carters is a staple in ever newborn and infant closet I believe.  I stopped "boy" shopping there when Matthew was around 3, but I feel like I love their older sized girl items, and Lilly still gets a lot from Carters.  And, it is the only place I buy pajamas.  

H&M.  I always forget how much I like their kid clothing.  I barely shop there, but every time I do I love the items I get.

Crazy 8.  A sister store to Gymboree, it is no surprise I like them.  I will say, I almost never find boy things there.

Lands End and Macys.  Again I group these together.  When Matthew isn't wearing a Nike tee and Jeans, I turn to polo shirts which I usually find from Macys.  I also have a feeling Lands End is going to become my new best friend, as our kids school is switching to a uniform next school year (more on that another day)

There you have it.  

Once again I am linking up with MeganKelly, and Lindsay for Trendy Tot Tuesday!


  1. My son wears a uniform to school and I usually shop for his polos and pants from Old Navy, Gap and Gymboree. I shop at all three to get a variety of colors... I never thought of Land's End! Thanks for the idea. There is a new Carters store that just opened by us, I need to check it out for Autumn... I have seen SO many cute Carter's outfits on Trendy Tot. I LOVE the colors in your daughters outfit (how the buttons match the leggings!). So cute!

  2. I always forget about Kohls but then when I happen to go in there I can't leave without buying some kid's clothes! :-)