Trendy Tot Tuesday - Week 3

This weeks OOTD is Lillian on a day that we did nothing but housework during the day, and then spent the afternoon at the park.  It takes a lot of convincing to get her to not wear pink, frills, or a dress.  As you can see she had to sneak a bit of pink in with the headband and Crocs.
{Shirt: Old Navy /Overalls: H&M / Shoes: Crocs from Nordstrom / Headband: Target, I think}

I love dressing my kids, my boy, my girly girl, and my baby. But I have started to notice that they pay attention, kids at school are now telling my son that his shoes are Nike, instead of me just saying sneakers.  I like to buy good quality clothing.  I just do, but I don't want my kids to become "Label Lovers".  I really don't want to when they are teens have a constant battle over how much is spent on clothing.  And I REALLY don't want my children making fun of, or excluding someone because of there clothing.  Is this something anyone else thinks about or is it just me? 

I ask, because at this point I have no real answer on how to navigate through this. 

Once again I am linking up with MeganKelly, and Lindsay for Trendy Tot Tuesday!


  1. She is so cute with her overalls and hints of pink!