Mother's Day 2013

First, I would love for everyone to head over to PWC Moms blog page, to see my guest blog post! The topic is finding and fitting into a playgroup. Also any other NoVA moms, this is a great resource and I highly recommend following the facebook page for great activities and events going on in Prince William County, and Northern Virginia! 

Now onto Mother's Day.

{Mother's Day 2013}

This year I think I had one of the best Mother's Day, yet.  Usually my husband is traveling for a big event for work, and not home for Mother's Day.  This year, he was in town and home for the day!  

I woke up to literally dozens of home made cards (I remind you I only have 2 children capable of making said cards), then Lilly went down into the kitchen and came back up with "breakfast" for Mommy.  I use this term lightly, as it was a paper plate (which she had colored on) with 2 Nutra-Grain bars on it.  It was adorable.

I only got a few complaints about church outfits this week, and we were out the door ON TIME for Mass.  After Mass we went to a bench in the garden area for a photo with my littles.  This only took 25 tries, and a few whines because it was too sunny, hello....winning!

Then we headed to a nice elegant Mother's Day lunch.  Oh, you know wings and deep fried pickles.... what can I say, my husband knows me, this is exactly what I wanted, no seriously, not even kidding.

{Wearing Pearls and Eating Wings. Classy, I know!}

Next was the best part of my day.  I convinced my husband that I needed yet another stroller.  I remind you that this was my exact gift last year.... Anyway, we headed to Buy Buy Baby, and I picked what I am claiming will be my last stroller ever.  I promise Hubs!

We then went home, and I put my boys to work, they did some yard work for me.  I know have NO weeds in my front yard, a new rose bush, and fresh mulch (I love fresh Mulch).

Our evening consisted of more eating.  Matt grilled up some shrimp, steak, and veggies.  It was so good, and if that wasn't enough we went after dinner for ice cream.... I really shouldn't be eating for like the next week.

It was a great family day, and I couldn't help looking around at certain moments thinking how lucky I am to be the Mama of these three wonderful children.

  Life may be really hectic at times, but always so worth it.

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