Trendy Tot Tuesday

Trendy Tot Tuesday with KellyLindsayMegan 

{Top: Ralph Lauren from Macy's / Pants: Old Navy / Shoes: Gymboree}

 As soon as I saw this link up for the first time I knew it was something I wanted to do, and will probably continue to do for a long time.

{Top: Old Navy, it was a 2T dress that I now use as a tunic / Leggings: Carters / Shoes: Unknown}

Kid clothes are so much more fun for me than dressing myself. Dressing my sons isn't that exciting, although I enjoy buying their clothing. Lilly is a different story. I love dressing her, and she loves clothes ( I know I am creating a monster, and I will really regret this in 10 years!).

 {Top: Old Navy / Pants: Old Navy / Shoes: Gymboree}

For this week I thought I would go back through my pictures of her outfits from this winter. If you follow me on Instagram (which you can do here) I post her outfits a lot.

{Top: Gymboree / Leggings: Carters / Shoes: Gymboree}

I am so excited to add this to my weekly list of things to share! I have weeks months worth of kid clothing insight and knowledge (something I am a little too proud of maybe!)

{Turtle Neck: Carters / Sweater: Unknown / Pants: Gymboree / Shoes: Sonoma from Kohls}

Midweek Confessions.

Today Tonight I am linking up with Elizabeth .... it's confession time!

1.  Today I got my hair completely chopped off.  I do this every time I have a child, and I am 3/3 on hating it.  I knew as soon as she made the first snip it was a bad idea, but it's just hair, right?  Short hair beats the time I spend in in the shower pulling clumps of hair from my scalp.  Post-Partum hair loss SUCKS!

2.  I am having major issues with getting the will power to work out.  I did so good for about 3 weeks (like at 6 weeks pp) but got side tracked, and have yet to find my way back.

 3.  Yesterday I got a little too excited about my latest purchases, and forced JD to try it all on, he was a champ about the whole thing.... can you tell I am ready for the beach?!?

4. I am obsessed with Dance Moms.  I could elaborate on this more, but there is no need....smh

5.  I always have so many more confessions that I think of as things are happening, but when I sit to write, I ALWAYS forget them....

Faith, Hope, Love and Luck.

Yesterday Lillian found this gem in our front yard. She was so excited.

Last night I sat and thought.

A clover with 4 leaves.

Such a rarity.

Many know the meaning behind it. Faith, hope, love and luck.

4 things that I think Are so important to have in life.

Faith. No matter what it is, you have to have faith in something. Trusting in something or someone. Whether it be faith within religion, faith in your spouse, faith in humanity. Trust is something that (to me) is so hard to gain, but so sacred.

Hope. Living without hope would be so horrible. Even with all the horrible events in the world (especially this past week) we must live with hope that the world will become a better place. Hope for our children's future. Hope for a wonderful fulfilling life.

Love. For me this one is simple. Without the love of my husband, children, and family my life would be nothing. Also giving that love right back to them. My goal every day is to remind Matt, Matthew, Lillian and Joshua how much they are loved by me.

Luck. You an have all the determination, will power, and hard work in life, but let's face it, sometimes a little luck is what you need.

So Miss Lilly, I hope this 4 leaf clover, that you have perfectly set inside your jewelry box, gives you all of these things. Because my sweet girl, you deserve faith, hope, love and luck everyday, no matter what.

10 Random Facts About Me....

So here's the game today.  10 Random Facts.  

Written by my husband.
 (My husband, Alec Baldwin is not my husband.....the other guy)
{My response is in pink, what can I say, I can't keep my mouth shut!}


1.  Samantha spends entirely WAY to much money on clothes.  Not for herself (which I would be ok with), for our children, particularly Lilly.  The amount of money she has spent on shoes for our daughter could possibly feed a small country. {In my defense, people look at her and first thing they ask is what shoes she is wearing, she has a fan club.  There is added pressure}

2.  She only went to college for a year.  Her student loan, which has long been paid off, I like to refer to as a fee.  She went to school, met me, and that's about it.  We are both so glad we made the decision for her to not go back and continue to burn money, when all she ever wanted to be was a SAHM. {Best decision ever! But also a big gamble}

3.  She is a control freak and obsessive about the oddest things.  If it isn't written in her planner (overpriced planner IMO) then she won't do it.  She also has to plan out ever little detail about a trip or vacation.  I guarantee she already has lists going for our OBX trip in June. {I actually don't, but have been making mental notes.  And my planner in the 6th love of my life, more about it here}

4.  The girl has 12 diaper bags....and I always catch her browsing to buy more.  It is a bit ridiculous.{I know, but it's like a purse, the same thing gets boring}

5.  She has a major fear of flying.  She tried to overcome it when she flew for the first time to Orlando with our son a few years ago, but that only made things worse.  She has had opportunities to travel with me (sans kids) for business and she WON'T do it.  It goes back to the control freak issues. {The thought of it makes me sick}

6.  Samantha is a terribly picky eater.  With that said, she sees no issue in eating a peanut butter and pickle sandwich, because that's not weird. {It's good!}

7.  Her favorite TV show is Friends.  She owns every season, and has seen every episode 100 times.  She can sit and recite every word.  {favorite episode : The One where Rachel makes the Trifle Joey: "What's not to like, custard....good, jam....good, beed.....GOOOODDD!"}

8. Being a mom is in her blood, it is what she was born to do.  Sometimes I sit back and am amazed at how easily it comes to her. {So sweet, right, love him}

9. If she were to ever get a "real" job (not that I ever think she will) she would make a wonderful secretary.  Not just any secretary, but mine.  She knows more about my office/schedule than I do.  {I will forever be a housewife, God}

10.  I love watching her fight with my daughter.  I used to think Sam was the most stubborn person I had ever met, until Lilly came along.  Although Sam still stubbornly denies that Lilly is worse.  {see I told you!!}

11.  She is a people watcher, whether it is our neighbors or facestalking people she hasn't seen in years.  She is always in somebody's business.   {Sadly, this is very true, I do it with blogs too}

My Kids Deserve To Be Worry Free.

When anything devastating happens my first thought is to say a prayer for those affected. Shortly after my mind wanders to my children.

How does this affect them.

Is there a need for them to know?

The day of the Newtown shooting, I cried and want to go take my Kindergartener out of school right away, bring him home to me. But I didn't.

I don't my kids to worry, I want them to always feel safe, taken care of, naive to all the horrible things in life.

So days like Monday. I take 10 minutes watch the news to be informed, then I block it out and go on for my kids. I drive carpool, I take them to practice, I play dress up, make meals. I continue on with a heavy heart.

There will be plenty of time to have to explain the evil in this world. At that time, I have no clue how I will even begin to explain things. I do love Mr. Rodgers and the thought of seeing the good people and heroes and focusing on those people who are helping.

For now I am going to protect the innocence in my children for as long as I can.

It's The Small Things.

Our weekend was filled with small things that made it wonderful.  It was just me and the kids, but it was so enjoyable.  

Saturday was Opening Day for Matthew's baseball league.  In the morning they had opening ceremonies, and then his first game was later that afternoon.  There is just something awesome about sitting in the sun watching your son do something he loves.

 {Joshua was NOT happy during this photo session}

Sunday we headed to church early then decided to soak in the beautiful weather and head to a local farm that grows tulips in the spring.   

We also got to see baby chicks, they were so cute!

 After we went to a playground for a picnic and play time.  It was such a simple but wonderful day. 

miscellany monday at lowercase letters

Friday Letters

Some Letters for this Friday... 

Dear DH.... I love you, I can't wait for this busy "season" of work to be over.  I thank you, as always for working so hard for our family.  Everything you do makes it possible for me to do what I love, raising our children.

Dear Joshua..... 3 Months, slow down dude.  You are sweeter and more adorable everyday.  I am currently in the process of cleaning through clothes, already packing up the 0-3 months, and moving on to the next stage.  I also bought a highchair the other day (just to sit in while we eat if you are awake during meals), how is this happening already?

Dear Lilly.... My sweet girl.  You and I are ALWAYS going to butt heads.  I have come to terms with that.  We are both strong, stubborn ladies.  I am looking forward to more weeks like this one, with days spent on the playground, riding bikes, and playing chalk.

Dear Spring Weather....where are you?  It seems we have gone from winter to summer in 0-60.  Where are the springtime temps?

Dear DVR..... Our relationship seems to be at a standstill.  I REALLY wish I could spend my time catching up on my favorite shows, but it just isn't happening.  Between Tball, CCD, Gymnastics, Meetings and Play Dates, I am getting nothing done throughout the day so I have started doing housework once all are in bed for the night.  I WILL catch up with you soon.

Dear Children..... I love you. SO. MUCH. that is all! :)

Happy Friday Everyone!  We have our Opening Day for Tball tomorrow, exciting stuff! 


life rearranged

Note To Myself When My Kids Are Grown

I am sure I will have more of these thoughts I want to remember for when my kids are grown, but today I think it is important to remember this moment.

Every Sunday we go to Mass.  My husband and kids are Catholic, I am not (yet).  Still, every Sunday I get all three kids ready, and we go to church most of the time just the 4 of us (my husband works A LOT).  As we still there I pray no one has to pee, and that the others around us are sympathetic to the fact that this mama has three small children trying to sit still, and she is doing the best that she can.

Every week someone compliments me on how cute they are, or how well behaved they are through Mass.  Every week, this makes me feel Amazing.  More Confident.  Like I am doing something right. 

This past week I got the sweetest comment.  The lady sitting behind us tapped me on the shoulder as I was corralling the kids to leave.  She stopped me and said "You can see through your children how wonderful of a mother you are."  I smiled and said "Thank You".

It didn't really hit me until I got into the car.  I sat and thought about the words she had said.  I was the most wonderful compliment anyone has given me about being a mother.  I wanted to cry.

Going to church with small children can be rough.  I always feel like everyone hears everything time they whine, talk, or act out.  Some weeks I dread going.  But every week I feel so much better when we leave.  The compliments I am given really set my mood for the rest of the day {sometimes week}trying to live up to the words people give me.  Trying to be the best mother I can be.

So Old Samantha who no longer has to drag kids to church every week, here is what I want you to do:

1.  Enjoy getting to spend the half hour before church actually getting yourself ready and not chasing kids trying to put on "scratchy shirts" or tights that won't go on right.

2.  Every week, make it a point to find a mother who looks stressed, worn out, tired.  Tell her how cute her daughters dress is, tell her she is wonderful, tell her how well behaved her kids were.  Tell her she is doing a great job.  It will make her day.  I promise.

Turning 26

It's been exactly a week since I turned 26.  I am feeling the same so far, ha!  We celebrated on the 3rd and it was wonderful.  I got a beautiful new set of rings from my husband. 

We had cake first then went to dinner.  Celebrating with my kids and husband is exactly the way I want it, and it was a perfect evening. 

4 years till the big 3-0.  Man I can't believe that.  I have some big goals for the next 4 years.  But mostly just to keep loving on my babies, and being the best wife I can be.  The rest doesn't matter as long as those two things happen.

3 Months

The three month mark. No longer a newborn.  Our little man is now an infant.

I keep telling myself, this is too easy, some day soon this is going to blow up and sh** is gonna get real.  Life with three kids can't be this easy.

Here are the things that are keeping me sane.  
1. SLEEP.  Joshua is sleeping in his room, in his crib, from about 9pm to 7am.  NO waking up, no bottles, no fussing for a bink.  It is AMAZING!  
2. My Iphone.  It is unbelievable what I can still get accomplished while feeding my child....hello, multitasking!
3.  The Boba.  I didn't babywear with my first 2, but LOVE it, and so does JD.

We have also de-newbornized the house some.  There is no longer a pack and play set up anywhere, both the one we had in our room, and the one in the living room are gone.  We are onto play mats around here.


JD is also "talking" SO much these days!  It is so cute.  The smiles are also getting bigger and bigger by the day.

Most of the time.... He was SO ready to be done with the pictures....

So he tore down the blanket.

 And then got mad that the blanket was on his head!