How I keep life organized

 I love to stay organized, in all areas of my life, but the biggest is on paper.  I was the kid that would come home from school and re-write all my notes from the day because I felt they were too sloppy, I love buying office supplies, and have been trying for years to perfect my system.

I think I have finally made the perfect system for my home, and wanted to share with y'all!

First, and the most important, my Erin Condren life planner.  I got my first one last year, using a daily deal site, and was excited to try it out (a planner of mine usually lasts about 5 months before I move onto a new one), it was amazing, I have used it probably 5 times a day everyday since it arrived.  I can not describe how much I love it.

When I saw the new version was coming out for July I decided to go ahead and purchase now, even though my old one goes through Dec.  With Baby3 coming in January I wanted one that went through 2013 so all appointments and schedules wouldn't need switched at the end of the year.

Here is the link to the Erin Condren Site , I am just a very happy customer and am not affiliated with them in any other way....I just love their products!

So here is the new version!!!

 A new feature is LAMINATED TABS!!!  Which I LOVE!  (Note: When my planner arrived one months tab was unlaminated, I have contacted customer service, and will let you know when I get a reply to see how it is handled, not a huge deal, but when paying this much for a product you want it to be more to come on that!)
 Also the monthly calender page is now a full page spread creating more space to plan.
 The pages I use the most are the morning, day and night spreads.  Everyday I list the to-dos for the day.
 Stickers (I also had some left from last years planner to use up first).
 This year I purchased full price, although I did have a 10$ off coupon, and it is pricey but worth every penny.  The customer service alone is amazing.  The packaging the planner arrives in is too cute, and it is just one of the many ways you can tell the main goal is attention to the detail.

And in case anyone wonders if I use it, here is my page for July and this week.....

To go along with my planner I have also made a home management binder.  I have taken numerous pins, and created what works best for my family.  The binder is Martha Stewart Line at Staples.  LOVE that it matches my planner (which was done on purpose of course)
 My tabs include....

 1. Finances, this includes as printed out check register template used to keep tabs on all banking, and monthly calenders which I write in when any bills are due, the amount, date paid, and check number.

 2.  To-Do Lists.  This has blank notebook paper and any printed out lists of to-do's.  Currently my lists include, house projects that need completed, a baby registry print out to see what all needs bought, it had a master packing list for the beach house, and in the fall will have a back to school list.  I like that all my lists are now in one place and won't get misplaced.

3. Contacts.  No photos of this because it is just a list of family and friend addresses, a list of online passwords, a list of take-out restaurants in the area.

4.  Meal Planning.  This is a big section.  I have a template I found through Pinterest which lists all meals for a week (this copy stays in the binder)  and a template of a two week planner (I only grocery shop once every 2 weeks) this copy gets put on the fridge.  There is also notebook paper to make my grocery list, and I am working on pages of our family's favorite meals to have while meal planning.

 5,6,7- One tab for each child (or coming soon child).  This was so helpful during the school year to keep all forms, papers from getting misplaced.  The paper would go straight from the backpack into my binder.  Right now Matthew's tab has a suggested summer reading list, and a print out of a certifikid deal we need to use.  Lilly's tab has a copy of information from her recent doctors appointment in it.  The coming soon child's tab is being used right now for all my OB information, a list of questions for the doctor, old medical records.
 8.  The last tab is labeled Seasonal.  During Christmastime this section has a lot going on.  Right now, not so much.  There is a summer bucket list, and a PTO list of things to do over the summer in our area.  This had Outer Banks information in it before we left for vacation, and directions to the beach house.

 Lastly, I also have a calender on my fridge, which is also from Erin Condren.  I guess I have to write things down in several places. 

 The link to the desk pad I use on the

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  1. Love the design! It seems like most of us that have the life planner love perfect to do lists and office supplies!

  2. thank you for the great blog post! glad you love your planner! enjoy!

  3. I started using that meal planning sheet this week. Love it. Now I have to work on my binder and I can't wait for my life planner to get here. Anxiously awaiting my shipping notice.