12 Weeks!

 (and 2 days)

Size: A Lime

Total Weight Gain/Loss: -4ish so I have gained back 2 that I had lost in the first weeks.

Maternity Clothes: lots of yoga pants and shorts, also sundresses.  At the beach I did wear maternity swimsuits, just to be more comfortable 

Gender: I feel like girl, but we won't find out till August.

Movement: too early.

Sleep: yea, it's not happening, it has been SO hot here, and even with the a/c I am hot.

Cravings: Nothing

Not too much anymore.

Symptoms:  I am over the morning sickness and other than being tired (from not sleeping at night) I am doing good....need to remember to keep up the water intake though, because some evenings I feel horrible.

What I Miss: Nothing right now.

What I'm Looking Forward To:  getting back into a regular routine now that vacation is over.  Also another appointment with Dr. A next week.

Best Moment This Week: Being at the beach and enjoying time as a family, I also had my NT Scan today and everything looks great, so that is good to hear. 

Thoughts: I still feel like I am showing so much sooner this time around, but now that everyone knows, I am more ok with it.  I just feel like I am 18-20 weeks pregnant, maybe it is just in my head.  Today was great getting to see the baby moving all around the screen for the ultrasound, and heard the heartbeat for the first time (last appointment just saw it) all of that makes it seem more real.  I am so ready to find out boy or girl, but I have to be patient! 

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