Back to School : Organization

When I am going into an unknown situation, my first instinct is to be as organized as possible.  Whether it be having a map of a new city, and knowing ahead of time exactly where we are going and what we are doing, to knowing the exact locations of all the restrooms at the zoo or museum we are going to.  I am crazy, but it makes me feel more prepared.

Well right now the biggest unknown in my life is my son starting Kindergarten next week.  Yes, he did preschool, but this is SO different.  So I have been on a mission this final week of summer to get things organized and ready for our new challenge. 

No, these tips have not been tested, so I may come to find in a month that they just don't work for us, but for now it is what I am going to try.

1. Something I always try to achieve in my house is that everything has a home.  I hate clutter, and as long as everything has somewhere to go, then nothing is left out.  The first thing I wanted to tackle was a new place for Backpacks.  We have a coat closet, but with shoes, coats, and my diaper bag, it is full.  For preschool I did have a hook in it for Matthew's backpack, but knew it wasn't a good solution.  So I went in search of an area in our home to put a coat rack.  Right off of our living room, near our coat closet is the doorway to our playroom/basement.  Here is what I came up with.

The painting was already hanging there, and the extra laundry hamper was there as well (our laundry room is in our basement, and we were always just throwing dirty kid clothes/socks into that landing).  I bought the coat rack @ Target, and it took all of about 5 minutes to complete this project.  Now the kids can hang their own bags, and 1 coat.

2. A Lunch Station.  I had an Organized area for Preschool Snacks but now with a lunchbox, and containers, I have had to change things up a bit.

A drawer with lunchbox, thermos, reusable containers, and baggies
In my Pantry I had a snack station which is also reachable to my kids.  Water is on top (my kids usually use a reusable cup, this is more for on the go.  Inside the drawers is below.
It sits right on the floor.
Inside my fridge sits 2 containers (again at toddler level.  One has drinks (the juice is such a special treat, I think I buy a pack of juice boxes like twice a year) the other has yogurts and applesauce.  The front is empty now, but it usually has snack sizes of fruits and veggies.

3.  Lunch Planning.  I plan 3 meals a day, everyday.  That won't change, but I wanted to also plan out Matthew's lunches which will now be different that what we have at home.  I grocery shop every 2 weeks, so I have to be organized on the items I will need.  This will also make it easy for me to look at the calendar on a Sunday afternoon or evening and prepare what I can for the week ahead, and when baby #3 comes in January whoever is making lunches for the days I am not here, will have some ideas on what to pack!

I went to Pinterest to find a printable and LOVE this one!

                                                                     Source: via Samantha on Pinterest

4.  Keeping ALL forms and Paperwork organized.  This I didn't have to do much for.  I already have a complete home management binder, which you can read about here.  Each kid has their own section.  So everyday the backpack will get emptied and the papers will get either placed in the tabbed folder, or 3 hole punched if it is something I am keeping and not sending back in.

5.  A morning routine.  This is still a work in progress, as I don't move too quickly in the mornings.  My PLAN is to get up before the kids and make/set out breakfast and finish packing the lunchbox.  When they do wake up we will eat, then head back upstairs to get dressed, brush teeth/do hair.  Then all we have to do is go potty, get backpacks and head out the door....sounds simple enough, right!??!!?  This is going to be a struggle because we are used to taking our time in the mornings.  


The Day We Found Out We Are Having......

A BOY!!!!

If you read my post about being nervous over the sex of number 3, you know how anxious I was about finding out blue or pink.  Well the stresses of the day got worse not better!

We got to the office (different from the office I go for regular appointments) and was to meet my husband there.  I had the kids, my husband was coming from work.  I sign in, and sit, hoping he arrives before they call me back.  Just a moment later they come out to call me back.  The tech  told me that my children would not be allowed in the room, she asked if I wanted to reschedule.  I explained my husband was on his way (originally so we could ALL be in the room to see the baby and find out together.)  and I would figure it out. 

I then took the kids, fighting back those annoying hormonal tears, and went to the lobby to call my husband, who just happened to be waiting at the elevator.  I started sobbing when I saw him, and couldn't get out the words.  I was crying for no reason, I was just annoyed.  He was great about it. 

We went back into the waiting area, he sat with the kids, I went with the tech to do the ultrasound.

I really didn't want to talk to this lady, I was over it, and so ready to just go home.  Then she said the ultrasound would take an hour (All I could think was my poor husband waiting in a waiting area for an HOUR with a 5 year old and 3 year old).  She then asked if we wanted to know the sex.  I told her yes, but not without my family present.  I then asked if she could please just write it down on a piece of paper for me, so we could look at it together.  SHE SAID NO!  She couldn't do that.  I started crying again, and she didn't even offer me a tissue.   I simply said nevermind, I don't want to know. 

I then laid staring at my baby on the screen, I was so mad at this point.  Then I saw it, I knew right away.  A boy, I was so happy, relieved, and excited. 

At the end of the appointment the nurse did bring my husband and kids back, and showed them, but it was a little too late for her to earn any points in my book.

Matthew was SO ECSTATIC!  He was smiling ear to ear. 

Lilly, well she had to throw her fit because she wanted it to be a girl.  Little does she now this works much better into her plan of trying to get whatever she wants.  She now will always be the only girl, and although outnumbered, in control of this house.

I am very happy, and relieved.  I am officially half way through the pregnancy, and am looking forward to meeting our little man.   

 Weeks ago we decided on 1 boy name and 1 girl name. 

So our son will be....

Joshua David 


Gender Myths!

So as this posts I am probably sitting in a waiting room, waiting to hear the gender of #3. I thought it would be fun to record what some of the infamous "gender myths" say I am having. I copied an article which I linked below, I crossed out things that don't fit me, and highlighted those that do.
Also added comments in ( ). Fingers crossed that the baby cooperates!
                                                                                        Source: via Yanzik on Pinterest
  The following is taken from an article found here
 While we know none of these gender predictions tests are scientifically sound, they are fun. And of course, they have a 50/50 chance of being right!

However, there are many old wives tales that claim to allow a woman to know if she is carrying a boy or a girl; And sometimes, a woman's intuition is enough to know which gender she is carrying. Here are some gender prediction wives tales.

Gender prediction based on how you carry

  • If you are carrying your baby high, it's supposed to be a girl while low means a boy.
  • If the weight is all out front, you are supposedly carrying a boy while if you have weight distributed to the sides and hips it's a girl.

Gender prediction based on Mom's appearance

  • If your face is round and full, you're expecting a girl.
  • When you have breakouts or more trouble with acne, you're pregnant with a girl.
  • If you look prettier while pregnant, it's a boy. The theory is a daughter will steal your looks!
  • If your right breast is larger, you're going to have a boy. If the left one is bigger, it's a girl.

Gender prediction during pregnancy

  • Lots of morning sickness? Blame a daughter.
  • Craving sweets? Again, it's a girl. Sour or salty? It's a son.
  • Is the daddy gaining weight too? Then you're pregnant with a boy. (No comment, lol!)
  • Are you sleeping on your left side more than your right? You are expecting a boy. (I roll around constantly at night)
  • Are you dreaming of cigars, trucks, snakes, anything masculine or shaped like a penis? That means a boy. Dreaming of keyholes, fish, kitchen things, or beauty items means a girl.
  • Are you especially moody? You are pregnant with a daughter.
  • Cool and calm, you are expecting a son.
  • Are you tripping all over yourself and dropping things constantly? This means you're having a boy while being smooth and graceful means a girl is on the way. (I am always clumsy though!)
  • Soft hands means a girl, while dry skin on your hands means you're pregnant with a boy.
  • Who is less stressed in the pregnancy? Whoever is cooler determines the sex. If dad is chill, you are expecting a son. If mom is the cool cucumber, a daughter is on the way.
  • Baby's heartbeat faster than 140 beats a minute supposedly means it's a girl while under 130 beats a minute is supposed to mean it's a boy. Between 130 and 140? Anyone's guess!

Gender Prediction Tests

(I didn't do many of these, but they are interesting.)

The Key Test
In this test a friend will hand the pregnant woman a key. If she picks it up by the wide round end, it's a boy that's on the way. If she picks it up by the narrow edge, it's a girl.

The Garlic Test
The pregnant woman eats garlic. If the smells reeks through her pores, she's expecting a son. If she still smells sweet, a girl of course is on the way.

Toddler Test
Hang out with a toddler boy. If he shows interest in your belly, you are pregnant with a girl. (My son doesn't really show any interest, so BOY)

Mom's Hands Test
Ask a pregnant woman to show her hands to you. If she presents her hands palms up then she is having a girl. Palms down means a son.

Even/odd test
If your birth year and your age are both even numbers or both odd numbers then you are going to give birth to a girl. If one is odd, the other even, a boy is on the way. (This Tests GIRL)

Dangling test
Dangle a wedding ring, key or pendant on a string over the pregnant belly. If the key swings back and forth it's a boy in there. If the key circles the tummy, then it's a girl.

Drano test
The Drano test is done by adding a couple tablespoons of drano to a cup of the pregnant woman's urine. If it turns darkish within a few moments, it's a boy. If the color remains unchanged it's a girl. However, this can create toxic fumes and is not considered a safe, let alone a reliable test for gender prediction.

Chinese Gender Predictor Chart
This test is available as an online tool and converts your age to the Chinese lunar calendar and crosses it with the month of conception to determine whether you expecting a boy or girl. It will only work with women who are 16 to 43 years of age.  (This says GIRL)

Mom's Intuition
Apparently according to one study the mother of the baby is right about 71% of the time when she just guesses her baby's sex.
What do you think you are having? A Boy
Check back Monday for the big reveal!!!!


My one and only confession this week....

On Friday, we have the BIG Appointment, probably the only one my husband will be at this time around....the 20 week Ultrasound.  The big day.  Blue or Pink, Boy or Girl.

My confession....

Do I want a healthy baby above anything else....YES.

Do I know no matter what they tell me I will be  get excited about it....YES.

Do I know I will love my baby no matter the result.....YES.


I REALLY want a boy.

With our first born, we really didn't have a preference.  I guess if I had to chose I would have said boy, which is what we got, but either way I didn't care.

With #2 We thought a girl would be nice, but also thought that if we had a boy, that would be great too.

Now we have one of each, this is our tiebreaker baby....and I really want a boy.

Here is some of why I think I am feeling this way.....

-My son is at SUCH a wonderful age.  He listens, he is starting sports, he eats what he is told to eat, he hasn't thrown a fit in forever.  It is just really great.  My Lilly on the other hand is the exact opposite.  She just turned 3.  She is a know it all, must do everything on her own (even when she can't) throws food she doesn't want at meals, and whines constantly.  I realize this is just a phase.   
 -I had a girl last.  I really want to go through the experience of a boy again.

-I feel like more of a boys mom than a girls.  I can't imagine the teenage years with the way my 3 year old and I bicker at each other now.

-My son's room is bigger.  This one may sound crazy, but if we have a boy the room situation stays the same.  The boys get the bigger room, and Lilly has the room she is in now.  If it is a girl, we have to undecorate, repaint and switch their rooms.  That is A LOT of work.

-In my heart I just have always felt boy.

I will say though that we have names picked either way, and I do really like the girl name, so that is good.

Whatever happens I know I will be happy, and one more milestone closer to meeting my baby.

**This post makes my 3 year old sound like a nightmare, and while some days she is, Lilly is also a sweet cuddly girl, which I love so much!


19 Weeks!

Nineteen Weeks!
 (and 2 days)

Size: A Large Heirloom Tomato

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I am about even with my pre-pregnancy weight at this point.  (Had lost at the beginning and then gained that back)

Maternity Clothes: lots of yoga pants and shorts, and maternity too.

Gender: This deserves its whole blog post....I feel like boy, I want a boy, but I keep telling myself that it will be a girl so I am not disappointed at the appointment.

Movement: some, but not a lot.  I feel like I should be feeling more. 

Sleep: pretty good right now....knock on wood.

Cravings: Pizza, Pizza, Pizza...that is all.

Not really.  I haven't been wanting to eat much lately.  I think that is more because of the heat than anything else.

Symptoms:  None really.

What I Miss: Nothing right now.

What I'm Looking Forward To:  Friday is our big Ultrasound.  It is basically all I can think about.

Best Moment This Week: This past weekend, I accomplished a lot and finally feel like I am no longer drowning in housework, errands, and stress.

Thoughts: Although it seems like it is taking forever to find out the gender, this pregnancy is flying by.  I am for the most part feeling great.  We got all the baby stuff out of storage and are ready to sort through it this upcoming weekend.   For the most part things are good.  We also got a bigger vehicle which is a stress relief.  I like to get things done and checked off a list. 

Happy 5th Birthday Matthew!

Happy Birthday Matthew!!  A lot of changes have been happening over the past month leading up to his big day. 

First I finally gave up on the nap.  I decided to get him ready for a full day of school and take away his nap time.  It was an east transition, and he is really good at playing quietly while his sister (and sometimes Mommy) still nap.  I got 4 3/4 years of at least a two hour nap everyday, I call that an accomplishment!

Also we switched from a 5-point harness seat to a high backed booster.  We made this change because we got a new mini-van...(more on that later) and I wanted him to get used to a new seat before school kiss and ride starts.

We also gave him a mattress for a birthday gift, lame right?  But he really wanted to start sleeping on the top bunk of his bunk beds, but we had never bought a mattress for it.  Well he loves sleeping up there and again the transition went so well. 

We have also been preparing for Kindergarten.  3 more weeks until we enter a whole new world of real school.
For his birthday he got special cupcakes at his tball practice the night before (Thanks to his awesome new coach!)  On his actual birthday we didn't do anything real special.  We went to the Farmer's Market and had muffins for breakfast.  Then we played the rest of the day and ended with dinner, cake, and gifts.

20 Questions - Birthday Edition

1. How old are you?  Five

2. Who is your best friend? Daddy

3. What is your favorite thing to do? Building race cars

4. What is your favorite color? Blue

5. What is your favorite food? Snacks....Fruit....

6. What do you like to do with your family?  Play with them

7. What is your favorite toy?  Cars 

8. What do you want to be when you grow up? Batman

9. What makes you happy? My Daddy

10. What makes you sad? When I get hurt

11. What is your favorite TV show? How about a movie, Pixar Cars 2

12. What is your favorite book? Trash Trucks

13. What do you love to learn about? Dogs

14.  What was your favorite part of your birthday? Cake

15. Where do you like to go? Play Dates

16. Who was your teacher?  Mrs. Tuckerman and Mrs. Cecil

17. What is your favorite treat? Cake

18. What do you think about before you go to sleep? Cuddling my pets

19. If you could meet anyone famous who would you want to meet?  My buddy James

20. What was your favorite birthday present?  New 3 Cars

Happy Birthday Buddy!