5 Tips For Organizing A Closet

1. PURGE Often.  There is no way around it, getting rid of things you do not wear, need, or like is the biggest step to an organized space.  Especially with clothing, taking the time to sort through makes a huge difference.

2.  Built in's make a huge difference.  Our current closet was completely custom from the previous owners.  It was such an easy process moving our things in.  In our old house my husband built the custom shelving in the boys room.  It was so inexpensive, but made them sharing a room (and closet) so much easier. ( you can see how HERE)

{ A look at the closet plans and finished product}

3.  Sometimes "hacks" aren't worth it.  There are SO many fancy Pinterest photos and blog posts with the latest way to hack an organized life.  Some are incredible, but others just create more chaos in a space and add clutter.  That is why in our closets you won't normally see those things.

4.  When organizing your spouses things, don't try to overstep.  Just think if your husband were to walk into your closet space and start telling you how to change it or what's wrong with it.  I don't think it would go over too well!  Although your solutions may be better, letting your spouse control his space is important.

5.  Functional doesn't always mean pretty.  I don't know about you, but I am over picture perfect rooms being shown in magazines and blogs.  IT ISN'T REAL LIFE.   Please remember this when organizing a space.  Find ways that make your life easier.  Even if they aren't the most pretty, or photo worthy, THEY WORK.  That is the point to organizing something.  FUNCTION.

Whether you have a small closet or large, there is ALWAY a way to get it organized.  Below are both videos.  The organization of my small closet in our old home, and the new closet in our current home.

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