Mini Van Organization

Keeping your car clean with small children is much like keeping your house clean with small children... not impossible, but a lot of constant work.  In the video below I show some of the items I keep in my car to make life easier, to keep it organized, and feel prepared.  I try not to keep too many unnecessary items in the car, as I have found this leads to more clutter.  

Here are my top 5 tips to KEEPING your car organized.

1.  Limit Toys - we live in a pretty suburban area, so any errand we have to do it 10-20 minutes away.  The kids can entertain themselves for that long without toys or electronics.  I used to keep a basket of toys, and while that still is in my garage, I don't feel like it has to be in the car.  I do keep a few books for reading.

2. The Minute Rule - It only takes a minute to gather up any trash when getting out of the car heading into your house.  Take the time to clean up the few wrappers, cups, clutter each time you get out of the car. 

3. Change With The Seasons - Each change of season I take the time to really clean out my entire van and take things out that you will not need.  In the winter I add in a warmer change of clothes, a blanket, gloves... however I don't need those things in the summer so I change it out for a light change of clothes, extra sunglasses, and playground essentials.

5. Necessities Only! - While I think it's great to keep commonly needed items in your car, I also think you can go overboard, thus creating more unnecessary clutter.  I took a small area of our garage to keep things that I need in my car from time to time, but don't want to leave in there taking up space.  Our stroller (this may be a necessary must have in your van if your children are younger), reusable shopping bags, sports gear.  All things I commonly need, but don't need to be in the car at all times.

So watch below to see how my car is organized, and all the items I think are necessary to keep in my mini van.

I have also done organizational videos in my previous mini van which was a Honda Odyssey.  The links to those videos are below.  

Also to purchase some products I mentioned in the video, they are linked below.

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