Summer Learning At Home

The end of our school year is FINALLY here!  For us that means, pool days, play dates with friends, family time, lots of travel, and learning at home over the summer.

I like to continue teaching the kids even when they aren't in school.

We use our busy boxes a lot over the summer for learning.  If you want to see more of that, I showed them {HERE}

We also use workbooks for the kids.  Below are some of my favorites I am using this summer.

Lilly is going into Kindergarten, so I am using K workbooks for her.

LeapFrog Kindergarten Skills Workbook

Big Kindergarten Workbook

Hooked on Math Kindergarten Math Activities Workbook

100 Write-and-Learn Sight Word Practice Pages

Matthew is going into 2nd grade, so for the most part I am using 2nd grade books.

Second Grade Big Workbook

Spectrum Math, Grade 2 Scholastic 

Success with Reading Comprehension, Grade 2

Daily Learning Drills Grade 2

If you want to know more about how I set up our summer learning, including making it easy to travel with us, I have outlined all that in the video below!

How do you continue learning over the summer with your kids??

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Storing Your Child's Schoolwork {Organization}

With the end of the school year upon us, us moms have a lot going on.  One thing being controlling the mounds of projects and papers that are making there way home.  

I decided when Matthew was in preschool that saving everything was not an option for this slightly OCD mama.  So I came up with a system to save the most important things from each year.  And toss the rest (trust me, they won't need therapy because their macaroni art is long gone 20 years from now!)

In the video below I walk you through How I organize it all, keeping it meat and clutter free!


New Look!

You know what is so exciting?  Opening your blog and instantly getting a smile on your face each and every time you look at it!

My new design has been live for about a week now, and I absolutely LOVE it!  

In the past I have either done the design myself (which is a complete #painintheHTML), or paid a small amount for a pre-made design.  

When I bought my domain name, I decided now was the time for the switch.  I wanted to go into my second year of YouTube with a completely streamlined look.  Happily A Housewife is now me, pretty much anywhere you look.  

I really wanted to not only have my blog look more professionally done, but also carry that over to my other social media platforms.

That is where Erika comes in.  Her name is spot on, as The Fairy Blogmother, she completely transformed my space into everything I never new I always wanted.

I heard of The Fairy Blogmother through one of my favorite blog reads, Elizabeth from Teaching Sam and Scout.  I absolutely love her blog, her real life, no sugar coating approach, and of course her appreciation for a good hashtag!  

Erika made the change easy.  I am a very particular person, but also very indecisive.  I spent so much time downloading fonts to only write out "Happily A Housewife" in them to see how it looked!

I love how it turned out (if you couldn't tell already!) and still cannot believe how fast it was done and over!  I had the first idea to change it up just a few short weeks ago, and here we are now done.

So head over to The Fairy Blogmother and check out her portfolio.  

Thanks Again Erika!