10 Weeks!

**I feel much larger than I think I should be at this point, but this pic was also taken at the end of a LONG day after a big dinner, so that is my excuse!  Also In a maternity dress.

TEN Weeks!
 (and 3 days)

Size: A Prune

Total Weight Gain/Loss: -6ish (I had the flu during week 8 and it kicked my butt)

Maternity Clothes: lots of yoga pants and shorts, also sundresses.  Not much maternity yet, but I see it coming soon, this is #3 after all.

Gender: I feel like girl, but we won't find out till August.

Movement: too early.

Sleep:Once I fall asleep I sleep like a rock, getting there is another story.

Cravings: Nothing

Lots.  Anything that has a smell to it. 

Symptoms:  with Matthew and Lilly I was hardly ever sick, this time it has been non-stop, no vomiting but I have generally felt like crap since before I even got the positive test.

What I Miss: Eating things and not getting sick.  I am hoping it fades soon.  That is about it.

What I'm Looking Forward To:  This week we are prepping for vacation.  in 5 days I will be sitting on a beach for a week!

Best Moment This Week: Announcing our pregnancy!  I am so happy to just have it out, and not worrying about keeping it a secret anymore.  We had a doctor's appointment at the end of week 8 and saw our little one, and picked up a strong heartbeat, which is always so relieving! 

Thoughts:  I am so glad to have the first appointment over, including the blood work. 



And in January we're adding 1 more!!!!  We're Pregnant!

 I am so excited that we have told everyone, and I can start blogging about yet another pregnancy!  I am 10 weeks and 2 days. 

Here is how we got to this point.

Matt and I have gone back and forth on adding to our family for awhile now.  We made the final decision to start trying for 1 more the beginning of April 2012.  Well fast forward to the beginning of May and we got this....

I knew it before I took the test.  Matt was shocked it happened so quickly.  I wasn't.  

Then the morning all day sickness started.  With my first two pregnancies, I never got this sick. 

June 8th I went to see the doctor for my first appointment and everything looks great!  I also did the blood work, scheduled some more appointments and got to meet my new doctor. 

Since then we have told Matthew and Lilly.  They are excited, but it is hard for them to understand at some points.  We have also told family, and let it out to the world on Facebook. 

Now at 10 weeks the sickness has pretty much gone away, and other than feeling tired (which is normal for me anyway) I am feeling great.  I had the Flu in week 8 which was terrible, and I feel like I already have a belly that is too big for what week I am at, but have lost probably 6ish lbs for not feeling well.

I do some more blood work before we leave for vacation then an ultrasound, and an appointment once getting back from the beach.

Happy Birthday Lilly!

 Today, my baby girl is 3!  We celebrated over the weekend, and she had a great time.  We went to the Zoo (which is the same thing we did last year, but she picked it).

Then Saturday evening we did cake and presents.  I *gasp* bought the cake, an ice cream cake actually, and added the Minnie accents myself.  I normally bake their cakes myself, but the thought of cake makes me sick (more on that later) but the thought of ice cream is amazing.

Her big gift was a new dresser for her room.  Ever since she was born we just had the kids share Matthew's (it has 6 drawers, so they each got 3), but it was time she had her own.  We like to do practical gifts for birthdays, especially since they are young and get excited about anything. 

So for the next two months I have a 4 year old and a 3 year old. 

Happy Birthday Miss Lilly, We Love you SO much!


Preschool Graduation

Matthew is off to Kindergarten, this post is a little late as his last day was May 25th.  They had an adorable end of the year program, followed by a picnic.  Then on the last day his wonderful teachers had a bag full of goodies waiting for the parents when we picked them up.  They had made the most wonderful scrapbook for each parent and it has the best photos and drawings in it.  So sweet and made me cry.

Matthew with his wonderful teacher Mrs. T.  I am so happy with the school we picked.

Oh Mr. Matthew we are so proud of you and can't wait to see what comes next!