10 Weeks!

**I feel much larger than I think I should be at this point, but this pic was also taken at the end of a LONG day after a big dinner, so that is my excuse!  Also In a maternity dress.

TEN Weeks!
 (and 3 days)

Size: A Prune

Total Weight Gain/Loss: -6ish (I had the flu during week 8 and it kicked my butt)

Maternity Clothes: lots of yoga pants and shorts, also sundresses.  Not much maternity yet, but I see it coming soon, this is #3 after all.

Gender: I feel like girl, but we won't find out till August.

Movement: too early.

Sleep:Once I fall asleep I sleep like a rock, getting there is another story.

Cravings: Nothing

Lots.  Anything that has a smell to it. 

Symptoms:  with Matthew and Lilly I was hardly ever sick, this time it has been non-stop, no vomiting but I have generally felt like crap since before I even got the positive test.

What I Miss: Eating things and not getting sick.  I am hoping it fades soon.  That is about it.

What I'm Looking Forward To:  This week we are prepping for vacation.  in 5 days I will be sitting on a beach for a week!

Best Moment This Week: Announcing our pregnancy!  I am so happy to just have it out, and not worrying about keeping it a secret anymore.  We had a doctor's appointment at the end of week 8 and saw our little one, and picked up a strong heartbeat, which is always so relieving! 

Thoughts:  I am so glad to have the first appointment over, including the blood work. 


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