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Best of 2016!

With 2016 coming to an end, I did a look back to see what my most popular videos made in 2016 were.  Interestingly enough, 8 out of my top 10 viewed videos this year were videos made in 2013-2015.  The top being my Meal Prep/Freezer Meals video from 2015.  This year had so many great moments, and I am so happy I was able to share them all with you!

#10... Weekly Vlog #6
The Weekly Vlog was a new addition to my channel this year, and I am so happy I took the risk to try it.  I love vlogging a bit of each day, and then sharing it with you on Monday mornings.  The weekly vlogs will all be back in 2017, starting Monday January 2nd @7am EST.

#9... Weekly Vlog #3

#8... I Am Never This Productive
This particular DITL did very well.  I am guessing it is because the title is attracting.  Click Bait is something I avoid, however having an enticing title always helps videos keep a lasting impression.

#7... Breakfast Freezer Meals
From any feedback I get, recipe videos/cooking videos are something viewers are REALLY interested in.  I enjoy making them, but they take a TON of work.  Also I always get negative feedback about not having precise measuring or instructions.  That's just not my style of cooking and I always warn people of that at the start of cooking videos.

#6... Time Management For A Stay At Home Mom
Sharing tips I've learned along the way is something I LOVE doing.  Connecting with other moms like me is one of the best parts of doing Youtube.  This video was also a collab with Cas, one of my favorite Youtubers.

#5... Making Hard Decisions
Let me tell you.... opening up and really sharing emotional things is not easy.  Especially online where you are open to criticism, and you never know who is watching.  This year I made a really hard decision to leave a GREAT work from home opportunity to focus my time back on family.  It was not easy.  When I say it was a great work from home position, I mean PERFECT.  It turned out to be the right decision, and my family is better for it.

#4... A5 VS Personal Planner | Which is Better
Planner videos are always a big hit.  The foundation of my channel started with planner videos back in 2013, (A look back at my planner from 2012) planner videos are still a favorite for me as well!

#3... How To Meal Plan | Strategies and Tips
This may be one of my favorite videos of this year.  It was one that was on my "to film" list for months.  I felt so accomplished when it posted.

#2... How To Prep Freezer Meals | With Easy Recipes
The thing that sticks out for me is the thumbnail photos from this video.  Photographing food is not easy!  Creating a thumbnail that will attract people to click to see more is very important when going through the upload process on Youtube.  I love the entire process of Youtube from brainstorming the idea, to filming, editing, adding music, doing the description, creating a thumbnail, promoting on social media, I really do LOVE IT!

#1... Planner Set-Up 2016
It's funny that I am starting 2017 back in the planner I started 2016 in.  I LOVE showing you all what works for me, what doesn't, and all the in between of my planner process.

There it is my top 10 of 2016!  Let me know in the comments below which was your favorite video of the year!

I also recently did a video on my Top 10 Favorite Youtubers and IG accounts!

I got the idea for this post from Diana, be sure to check out her top ten post as well!

Wishing you all the best in 2017...

Kids Gift Guide 2016

Shopping for Holiday presents for kids should be stress free and fun.  Today I am sharing the TOP 10 non electronic toys, games and books that we love to give as gifts, and some of my favorites the kids have received as well.

1. LandEnd Tote Bags - These are a great practical gift that can be used for years!

2. Kids Sleeping Bags - A fun, excited, unique option that my kids love getting in the past.
3. Board Games - We give board games every year.  This year my kids have asked for Splendor, Blokus, and other board games they can all play together.

4. Art Sets - This is a great gift if you are afraid you are going to duplicate something a child already has.  You can't have enough art supplies!

5. Books - In my opinion you can never go wrong with the gift of books.  Here are some series books my kids are loving! Harry Potter , Wimpy Kid , Critter Club , Amelia Bedelia , Big Book of Why
6. Scooter - My kids LOVE their scooters and it is a big ticket item for a low ticket price!  We are actually buying our kids new ones this year.  One in PINK for Lilly, and once in BLUE for Matthew.
7. Science kits (soaps):
Science Kit (chemistry):
8. Train Sets - We started buying pieced of the Thomas The Train Wooden Railway back in 2009 when Matthew was only 2.  We have quite the assortment now, because each holiday we were able to add it it! My current favorite set is the Thomas The Train (Santa's Workshop).
9. Legos - A classic gift that never seems to go out of style.  All 3 of my kids, different ages and gender, LOVE playing Legos!  

10.  Gift Cards - I am a huge fan of giving tweens / teens what they want..... MONEY!  If the form of cash or gift cards, you cannot go wrong, and they can then enjoy their time picking something they want.

If you would like to see more you can watch the video below!

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