How I Make Smoothies

Today I am excited to share my very simple and delicious smoothie recipe.

There are no measurements and you really can use whatever fruits you want.  

My kids love it.  At first I used dark berries to hide the color of the Spinach, but the don't even care anymore and love the green smoothies!

2014 Easter Baskets

I am so excited to actually be organized enough this year to share our Easter baskets before Easter!! You can check out last years baskets here! I don't like giving the kids candy, so I fill the baskets with small toys, books, and clothes instead.  I will try to link the items mentioned if possible.  The baskets and are from Pottery Barn Kids (unfortunately not available in the website at this time), as well as the liners.

Matthew's Basket - 6 Year Old Boy
Clothes from TJ Maxx

Lillian's Basket - 4 Year Old Girl

Joshua's Easter Basket - 1 Year Old Boy

To see Everything in the baskets and also see how I put them all together watch below!

Happy Easter Everyone!!

Clutter Free Desk Organization

I never realized until I finished this project, how much more productive I am with a real, organized dedicated work space.  #lifechanging  Our desk space is located in our bedroom, well because quite frankly that is the only place for it.  I also have to keep the desktop as clutter free as possible incase my husband gets the urge to work from home.  I am so happy with how it turned out.

The actual desk is from ikea, shown here, and is still available.  Most accessories are from Target (lamp, wire organizers) Home Goods (bulletin board, paper sorter) and Michaels (decorative boxes).

Below is an entire walk through of the space, including the organization inside the desk drawers/ cabinet.  Enjoy!

Here's To 27!

If someone would have given me a book of my life so far when I was a teenager, I would have read it laughing the entire way through, not believing it at all.

{source unknown}

10 years ago I was..... 17 years old.  A junior in high school.  My life revolved around volleyball, my friends, and weekends.

10 years ago..... I was just starting to decided what I was going to do for the rest of my life.  At that time, it was going to college and become a teacher.  

10 years ago.... I had the best group of girl friends ever.  Honestly, I was so lucky growing up to have so many wonderful friends.  There was no meanness, bullying, cattiness.... we just all got along so well.

10 years ago.....All I wanted for my birthday was clothes, shoes, and a yummy cake... #somethingsneverchange

10 years ago.... I didn't know what the real world was like.  I lived in a little bubble in a small town, sometimes I am so thankful for that.

10 years ago.....I had the greatest, most supportive family..... again, some things never change.

My life has been full of SO many blessings in the past 10 years.  I have met and married my best friend, moved to an amazing area, bought our first home, given the opportunity to be the mother to the best kids a mom could ask for, be able to stay home with them, but also find hobbies that keep me on my toes.

27 is going to be the year of.....just being.  I am really going to try to take this year to calm down a bit, and not sweat the small stuff.  My marriage is in a great place, my kids are healthy and we are all happy.  Less stress, more laughter.  

Today we aren't really celebrating, Matt is in NYC this week.  SO today I am needlessly shopping, eating take out, and hanging with the kiddos.  We will celebrate as a family later this week, and I will recap next week!

Oh, and on my YouTube channel I shared 27 random facts about me, so be sure to check that out!

A Big Thanks!!

I am not a big "numbers" person when it comes to my blog/social media.  I don't work with companies that are looking at pagviews or followers, y'all are not just a number to me.  If I do a giveaway or review, it is because I really do love the product and want to share it with you.  

With that said.... the past few months have been awesome.  As my baby (JD) was turning 1, I was torn at where I wanted the blog to go.  I started blogging back in 2007 on Xanga (which you can't even access anymore) to purely document my 1st pregnancy.  I "met" so many wonderful girls, some of which I still keep in touch with today.  

Ever since my blog has been simply that, our lives.  I wanted to do something more.  So I started throwing in some organization, planning, recipes.  Then I discovered the world of YouTube.  Sure I had searched on YouTube for reviews on strollers, or how to do this or that.... but I never really thought about those people making the videos.  

I started my channel last May, and WOW, I can even explain how great the past 11 months on there have been.  For those of you that don't know, my 1 year in college was spent in front and behind a camera, working in sports.  It has been something I have always wanted to do, but simply thought that since I was a housewife for life, with a hardworking husband in that field, that it would never happen.  It is a hobby/passion of mine, and I am loving it!

I recently just got my first "paycheck" from the ads that run on my blog and channel, and believe me it IS NOT about the money at all,  but it felt good.  

So thank you all so much for following along and contributing in the comments, on Instagram, Twitter.... It really means so much!

Now that said, Facebook basically sucks now and y'all won't be seeing my post on your timeline as much based on the new algorithms, or so I am told..... so please take a minute to follow in some other way.  Whether it be your favorite blog reader (I use BlogLovin) Twitter (I will get better on there, promise!), Instagram (where I will start sharing when a new post is up or video is live)  I would really appreciate it!