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So as this posts I am probably sitting in a waiting room, waiting to hear the gender of #3. I thought it would be fun to record what some of the infamous "gender myths" say I am having. I copied an article which I linked below, I crossed out things that don't fit me, and highlighted those that do.
Also added comments in ( ). Fingers crossed that the baby cooperates!
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  The following is taken from an article found here
 While we know none of these gender predictions tests are scientifically sound, they are fun. And of course, they have a 50/50 chance of being right!

However, there are many old wives tales that claim to allow a woman to know if she is carrying a boy or a girl; And sometimes, a woman's intuition is enough to know which gender she is carrying. Here are some gender prediction wives tales.

Gender prediction based on how you carry

  • If you are carrying your baby high, it's supposed to be a girl while low means a boy.
  • If the weight is all out front, you are supposedly carrying a boy while if you have weight distributed to the sides and hips it's a girl.

Gender prediction based on Mom's appearance

  • If your face is round and full, you're expecting a girl.
  • When you have breakouts or more trouble with acne, you're pregnant with a girl.
  • If you look prettier while pregnant, it's a boy. The theory is a daughter will steal your looks!
  • If your right breast is larger, you're going to have a boy. If the left one is bigger, it's a girl.

Gender prediction during pregnancy

  • Lots of morning sickness? Blame a daughter.
  • Craving sweets? Again, it's a girl. Sour or salty? It's a son.
  • Is the daddy gaining weight too? Then you're pregnant with a boy. (No comment, lol!)
  • Are you sleeping on your left side more than your right? You are expecting a boy. (I roll around constantly at night)
  • Are you dreaming of cigars, trucks, snakes, anything masculine or shaped like a penis? That means a boy. Dreaming of keyholes, fish, kitchen things, or beauty items means a girl.
  • Are you especially moody? You are pregnant with a daughter.
  • Cool and calm, you are expecting a son.
  • Are you tripping all over yourself and dropping things constantly? This means you're having a boy while being smooth and graceful means a girl is on the way. (I am always clumsy though!)
  • Soft hands means a girl, while dry skin on your hands means you're pregnant with a boy.
  • Who is less stressed in the pregnancy? Whoever is cooler determines the sex. If dad is chill, you are expecting a son. If mom is the cool cucumber, a daughter is on the way.
  • Baby's heartbeat faster than 140 beats a minute supposedly means it's a girl while under 130 beats a minute is supposed to mean it's a boy. Between 130 and 140? Anyone's guess!

Gender Prediction Tests

(I didn't do many of these, but they are interesting.)

The Key Test
In this test a friend will hand the pregnant woman a key. If she picks it up by the wide round end, it's a boy that's on the way. If she picks it up by the narrow edge, it's a girl.

The Garlic Test
The pregnant woman eats garlic. If the smells reeks through her pores, she's expecting a son. If she still smells sweet, a girl of course is on the way.

Toddler Test
Hang out with a toddler boy. If he shows interest in your belly, you are pregnant with a girl. (My son doesn't really show any interest, so BOY)

Mom's Hands Test
Ask a pregnant woman to show her hands to you. If she presents her hands palms up then she is having a girl. Palms down means a son.

Even/odd test
If your birth year and your age are both even numbers or both odd numbers then you are going to give birth to a girl. If one is odd, the other even, a boy is on the way. (This Tests GIRL)

Dangling test
Dangle a wedding ring, key or pendant on a string over the pregnant belly. If the key swings back and forth it's a boy in there. If the key circles the tummy, then it's a girl.

Drano test
The Drano test is done by adding a couple tablespoons of drano to a cup of the pregnant woman's urine. If it turns darkish within a few moments, it's a boy. If the color remains unchanged it's a girl. However, this can create toxic fumes and is not considered a safe, let alone a reliable test for gender prediction.

Chinese Gender Predictor Chart
This test is available as an online tool and converts your age to the Chinese lunar calendar and crosses it with the month of conception to determine whether you expecting a boy or girl. It will only work with women who are 16 to 43 years of age.  (This says GIRL)

Mom's Intuition
Apparently according to one study the mother of the baby is right about 71% of the time when she just guesses her baby's sex.
What do you think you are having? A Boy
Check back Monday for the big reveal!!!!

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