My one and only confession this week....

On Friday, we have the BIG Appointment, probably the only one my husband will be at this time around....the 20 week Ultrasound.  The big day.  Blue or Pink, Boy or Girl.

My confession....

Do I want a healthy baby above anything else....YES.

Do I know no matter what they tell me I will be  get excited about it....YES.

Do I know I will love my baby no matter the result.....YES.


I REALLY want a boy.

With our first born, we really didn't have a preference.  I guess if I had to chose I would have said boy, which is what we got, but either way I didn't care.

With #2 We thought a girl would be nice, but also thought that if we had a boy, that would be great too.

Now we have one of each, this is our tiebreaker baby....and I really want a boy.

Here is some of why I think I am feeling this way.....

-My son is at SUCH a wonderful age.  He listens, he is starting sports, he eats what he is told to eat, he hasn't thrown a fit in forever.  It is just really great.  My Lilly on the other hand is the exact opposite.  She just turned 3.  She is a know it all, must do everything on her own (even when she can't) throws food she doesn't want at meals, and whines constantly.  I realize this is just a phase.   
 -I had a girl last.  I really want to go through the experience of a boy again.

-I feel like more of a boys mom than a girls.  I can't imagine the teenage years with the way my 3 year old and I bicker at each other now.

-My son's room is bigger.  This one may sound crazy, but if we have a boy the room situation stays the same.  The boys get the bigger room, and Lilly has the room she is in now.  If it is a girl, we have to undecorate, repaint and switch their rooms.  That is A LOT of work.

-In my heart I just have always felt boy.

I will say though that we have names picked either way, and I do really like the girl name, so that is good.

Whatever happens I know I will be happy, and one more milestone closer to meeting my baby.

**This post makes my 3 year old sound like a nightmare, and while some days she is, Lilly is also a sweet cuddly girl, which I love so much!



  1. I would imagine that boys in their teen years are easier on their moms than girls. For that reason alone, I'd want all boys!

    When I was pregnant with my son, I knew right away that we were expecting a boy. Maybe your instincts are right on the money?

    1. Yea, I have a feeling my daughter is going to much harder to handle than my son.

  2. hi there. I'm popping over from e myself and i. I know exactly how you feel. I felt the same way with number 3 only the opposite gender. My oldest is a girl and she was always so easy compared to my second(a boy).

    I really wanted another sweet baby girl, but God blessed us with another sweet boy instead. Of course now we couldn't imagine our lives without him, and he is nothing like my first son.

    Now I'm making my older son sound like a monster too, which he is not, but he can be really difficult.

    Can't wait to hear if your premonitions are true! Good luck!

    1. I keep saying that whatever I am blessed with I will be happy about. And know that when in my arms, I am going to care less!