The Day We Found Out We Are Having......

A BOY!!!!

If you read my post about being nervous over the sex of number 3, you know how anxious I was about finding out blue or pink.  Well the stresses of the day got worse not better!

We got to the office (different from the office I go for regular appointments) and was to meet my husband there.  I had the kids, my husband was coming from work.  I sign in, and sit, hoping he arrives before they call me back.  Just a moment later they come out to call me back.  The tech  told me that my children would not be allowed in the room, she asked if I wanted to reschedule.  I explained my husband was on his way (originally so we could ALL be in the room to see the baby and find out together.)  and I would figure it out. 

I then took the kids, fighting back those annoying hormonal tears, and went to the lobby to call my husband, who just happened to be waiting at the elevator.  I started sobbing when I saw him, and couldn't get out the words.  I was crying for no reason, I was just annoyed.  He was great about it. 

We went back into the waiting area, he sat with the kids, I went with the tech to do the ultrasound.

I really didn't want to talk to this lady, I was over it, and so ready to just go home.  Then she said the ultrasound would take an hour (All I could think was my poor husband waiting in a waiting area for an HOUR with a 5 year old and 3 year old).  She then asked if we wanted to know the sex.  I told her yes, but not without my family present.  I then asked if she could please just write it down on a piece of paper for me, so we could look at it together.  SHE SAID NO!  She couldn't do that.  I started crying again, and she didn't even offer me a tissue.   I simply said nevermind, I don't want to know. 

I then laid staring at my baby on the screen, I was so mad at this point.  Then I saw it, I knew right away.  A boy, I was so happy, relieved, and excited. 

At the end of the appointment the nurse did bring my husband and kids back, and showed them, but it was a little too late for her to earn any points in my book.

Matthew was SO ECSTATIC!  He was smiling ear to ear. 

Lilly, well she had to throw her fit because she wanted it to be a girl.  Little does she now this works much better into her plan of trying to get whatever she wants.  She now will always be the only girl, and although outnumbered, in control of this house.

I am very happy, and relieved.  I am officially half way through the pregnancy, and am looking forward to meeting our little man.   

 Weeks ago we decided on 1 boy name and 1 girl name. 

So our son will be....

Joshua David 




    (I hope you speak w/someone about how the tech treated you. There is no reason for someone to be that rude.)

  2. So happy for you!! I cannot believe how they treated you at that office. They let my husband and son back with me everytime I've had an ultrasound. I would be upset too.

  3. What was your girls name??