Trendy Tot Tuesday

Trendy Tot Tuesday with KellyLindsayMegan 

{Top: Ralph Lauren from Macy's / Pants: Old Navy / Shoes: Gymboree}

 As soon as I saw this link up for the first time I knew it was something I wanted to do, and will probably continue to do for a long time.

{Top: Old Navy, it was a 2T dress that I now use as a tunic / Leggings: Carters / Shoes: Unknown}

Kid clothes are so much more fun for me than dressing myself. Dressing my sons isn't that exciting, although I enjoy buying their clothing. Lilly is a different story. I love dressing her, and she loves clothes ( I know I am creating a monster, and I will really regret this in 10 years!).

 {Top: Old Navy / Pants: Old Navy / Shoes: Gymboree}

For this week I thought I would go back through my pictures of her outfits from this winter. If you follow me on Instagram (which you can do here) I post her outfits a lot.

{Top: Gymboree / Leggings: Carters / Shoes: Gymboree}

I am so excited to add this to my weekly list of things to share! I have weeks months worth of kid clothing insight and knowledge (something I am a little too proud of maybe!)

{Turtle Neck: Carters / Sweater: Unknown / Pants: Gymboree / Shoes: Sonoma from Kohls}


  1. love her little poses with her hands on her hips!

  2. Love all of her outfits. I agree, dressing Ava is so much more fun than dressing myself!

  3. What a cutie! I love her black Gymboree top!

  4. Love the lavender pants in the first photo! I just ordered a ton of colored shorts for Autumn from Old Navy for this summer! New follower :)