3 Months

The three month mark. No longer a newborn.  Our little man is now an infant.

I keep telling myself, this is too easy, some day soon this is going to blow up and sh** is gonna get real.  Life with three kids can't be this easy.

Here are the things that are keeping me sane.  
1. SLEEP.  Joshua is sleeping in his room, in his crib, from about 9pm to 7am.  NO waking up, no bottles, no fussing for a bink.  It is AMAZING!  
2. My Iphone.  It is unbelievable what I can still get accomplished while feeding my child....hello, multitasking!
3.  The Boba.  I didn't babywear with my first 2, but LOVE it, and so does JD.

We have also de-newbornized the house some.  There is no longer a pack and play set up anywhere, both the one we had in our room, and the one in the living room are gone.  We are onto play mats around here.


JD is also "talking" SO much these days!  It is so cute.  The smiles are also getting bigger and bigger by the day.

Most of the time.... He was SO ready to be done with the pictures....

So he tore down the blanket.

 And then got mad that the blanket was on his head!

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