My Kids Deserve To Be Worry Free.

When anything devastating happens my first thought is to say a prayer for those affected. Shortly after my mind wanders to my children.

How does this affect them.

Is there a need for them to know?

The day of the Newtown shooting, I cried and want to go take my Kindergartener out of school right away, bring him home to me. But I didn't.

I don't my kids to worry, I want them to always feel safe, taken care of, naive to all the horrible things in life.

So days like Monday. I take 10 minutes watch the news to be informed, then I block it out and go on for my kids. I drive carpool, I take them to practice, I play dress up, make meals. I continue on with a heavy heart.

There will be plenty of time to have to explain the evil in this world. At that time, I have no clue how I will even begin to explain things. I do love Mr. Rodgers and the thought of seeing the good people and heroes and focusing on those people who are helping.

For now I am going to protect the innocence in my children for as long as I can.

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