Easter Baskets

I am not a huge fan of the Easter Bunny Idea, and it made me furious when Matthew tugged my arm in church Easter morning asking when the Easter Bunny was coming (Mom FAIL).  I do enjoy putting baskets together, but I guess I would be happier if they just knew they were from us.  We don't go see the Easter Bunny or really discuss it.  I don't know I just am not a fan of the whole thing. 

I also don't give my children candy.  Rarely.  Easter is a time where I do give in.  So here is a peak into the kids baskets this year.  The actual basket is the Pottery Barn Kids (large) Basket.  I should have returned them and gone with the smaller size, they are REALLY big.  I didn't order liners this year, but may in the future.

Joshua's Basket
3 Months Old

{It is not easy to make a basket for a 3 month old.  to soon for any type of food.  So I did some travel size shampoos, eggs filled with pacifiers, a few small toys that he should grow into soon, baby sunscreen, wipes, and a few board books}

Lilly's Basket
3 Years Old

{New Shoes, 2 Books, some pom poms, an outfit, chocolate milk, fruit strips, mini muffins, a new movie, and eggs with coins, dollars, and I think 3 had candy}

Matthew's Basket
5 Years Old

{New Shoes, a movie, a book, a Ninja Turtle Toy, Apple Juice, mini muffins, and eggs filled with coins, dollars, and some with candy}

Having said what I did about the whole Bunny thing, look at their faces when the Easter Bunny made a surprise appearance when we were out to lunch.

One thing I do love is styling my kids to match.  LOVE the big puffy Easter dress from Gymboree, so I styled everything around that.

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