It's The Small Things.

Our weekend was filled with small things that made it wonderful.  It was just me and the kids, but it was so enjoyable.  

Saturday was Opening Day for Matthew's baseball league.  In the morning they had opening ceremonies, and then his first game was later that afternoon.  There is just something awesome about sitting in the sun watching your son do something he loves.

 {Joshua was NOT happy during this photo session}

Sunday we headed to church early then decided to soak in the beautiful weather and head to a local farm that grows tulips in the spring.   

We also got to see baby chicks, they were so cute!

 After we went to a playground for a picnic and play time.  It was such a simple but wonderful day. 

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  1. Your pictures are so cute and those tulips are BEAUTIFUL~

    1. Thanks! It was such a fun time!