Faith, Hope, Love and Luck.

Yesterday Lillian found this gem in our front yard. She was so excited.

Last night I sat and thought.

A clover with 4 leaves.

Such a rarity.

Many know the meaning behind it. Faith, hope, love and luck.

4 things that I think Are so important to have in life.

Faith. No matter what it is, you have to have faith in something. Trusting in something or someone. Whether it be faith within religion, faith in your spouse, faith in humanity. Trust is something that (to me) is so hard to gain, but so sacred.

Hope. Living without hope would be so horrible. Even with all the horrible events in the world (especially this past week) we must live with hope that the world will become a better place. Hope for our children's future. Hope for a wonderful fulfilling life.

Love. For me this one is simple. Without the love of my husband, children, and family my life would be nothing. Also giving that love right back to them. My goal every day is to remind Matt, Matthew, Lillian and Joshua how much they are loved by me.

Luck. You an have all the determination, will power, and hard work in life, but let's face it, sometimes a little luck is what you need.

So Miss Lilly, I hope this 4 leaf clover, that you have perfectly set inside your jewelry box, gives you all of these things. Because my sweet girl, you deserve faith, hope, love and luck everyday, no matter what.

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