10 Random Facts About Me....

So here's the game today.  10 Random Facts.  

Written by my husband.
 (My husband, working.....no Alec Baldwin is not my husband.....the other guy)
{My response is in pink, what can I say, I can't keep my mouth shut!}


1.  Samantha spends entirely WAY to much money on clothes.  Not for herself (which I would be ok with), for our children, particularly Lilly.  The amount of money she has spent on shoes for our daughter could possibly feed a small country. {In my defense, people look at her and first thing they ask is what shoes she is wearing, she has a fan club.  There is added pressure}

2.  She only went to college for a year.  Her student loan, which has long been paid off, I like to refer to as a match.com fee.  She went to school, met me, and that's about it.  We are both so glad we made the decision for her to not go back and continue to burn money, when all she ever wanted to be was a SAHM. {Best decision ever! But also a big gamble}

3.  She is a control freak and obsessive about the oddest things.  If it isn't written in her planner (overpriced planner IMO) then she won't do it.  She also has to plan out ever little detail about a trip or vacation.  I guarantee she already has lists going for our OBX trip in June. {I actually don't, but have been making mental notes.  And my planner in the 6th love of my life, more about it here}

4.  The girl has 12 diaper bags....and I always catch her browsing to buy more.  It is a bit ridiculous.{I know, but it's like a purse, the same thing gets boring}

5.  She has a major fear of flying.  She tried to overcome it when she flew for the first time to Orlando with our son a few years ago, but that only made things worse.  She has had opportunities to travel with me (sans kids) for business and she WON'T do it.  It goes back to the control freak issues. {The thought of it makes me sick}

6.  Samantha is a terribly picky eater.  With that said, she sees no issue in eating a peanut butter and pickle sandwich, because that's not weird. {It's good!}

7.  Her favorite TV show is Friends.  She owns every season, and has seen every episode 100 times.  She can sit and recite every word.  {favorite episode : The One where Rachel makes the Trifle Joey: "What's not to like, custard....good, jam....good, beed.....GOOOODDD!"}

8. Being a mom is in her blood, it is what she was born to do.  Sometimes I sit back and am amazed at how easily it comes to her. {So sweet, right, love him}

9. If she were to ever get a "real" job (not that I ever think she will) she would make a wonderful secretary.  Not just any secretary, but mine.  She knows more about my office/schedule than I do.  {I will forever be a housewife, God willing...lol}

10.  I love watching her fight with my daughter.  I used to think Sam was the most stubborn person I had ever met, until Lilly came along.  Although Sam still stubbornly denies that Lilly is worse.  {see I told you!!}

11.  She is a people watcher, whether it is our neighbors or facestalking people she hasn't seen in years.  She is always in somebody's business.   {Sadly, this is very true, I do it with blogs too}


  1. I love that you had your husband write for your post! Cute idea - loved getting to know you a bit. Just started following :)

    xo samantha

  2. This is to funny!! I can relate to a lot of these :)