Midweek Confessions.

Today Tonight I am linking up with Elizabeth .... it's confession time!

1.  Today I got my hair completely chopped off.  I do this every time I have a child, and I am 3/3 on hating it.  I knew as soon as she made the first snip it was a bad idea, but it's just hair, right?  Short hair beats the time I spend in in the shower pulling clumps of hair from my scalp.  Post-Partum hair loss SUCKS!

2.  I am having major issues with getting the will power to work out.  I did so good for about 3 weeks (like at 6 weeks pp) but got side tracked, and have yet to find my way back.

 3.  Yesterday I got a little too excited about my latest purchases, and forced JD to try it all on, he was a champ about the whole thing.... can you tell I am ready for the beach?!?

4. I am obsessed with Dance Moms.  I could elaborate on this more, but there is no need....smh

5.  I always have so many more confessions that I think of as things are happening, but when I sit to write, I ALWAYS forget them....


  1. I think your hair looks good! I always envy people who look good with short hair because I just feel like I never will, but I'm going to have to cut it someday! Also, I need some motivation to get back into a good workout routine, too! Let me know if you find something that works :) love your blog!

    xo samantha

  2. I think you look awesome! Wow, any mom of three that can actually shower and style her hair at all is a superstar in my book! Thanks SO much for linking up!

  3. Your hair looks great! I'm a secret Dance Moms addict too. Found you through E's link. Great blog!