Laundry and Laughter.

Our weekend was pretty mellow.  It involved an extremely rainy, cold, wet and muddy tball game bright and early Saturday morning.  When we got home there was NO way I was making my way back out.  We all changed into pjs and relaxed the rest of the day.  I made my way through mountains of laundry, and ordered take out.

Speaking of laundry.... my math doesn't seem to add up here, but we added one more child to our house, yet if feels like our laundry has tripled.  It is something I am really struggling to keep up with.  I thought I finished everything today and was caught up, yet I sit here and see an almost full hamper again.  I. Just. Can't. Keep. Up.

Sunday I had a list of errands to run, so I took advantage of these things that "needed" to be done, and took some time to myself to do them.  I ended up only doing about half of them though, I got a call that my boys wanted to head to the baseball field to play catch.  Priorities, right!

Also it probably wasn't something that started this weekend, but little man's laugh has come to life.  All weekend he was so happy and laughing out loud!  Cutest thing ever!

Now here we are back at Monday.  I know we all wish weekends were longer. Life seems to be going in double time lately.  

Coming up next weekend is a little getaway.  Kids are going to their Grandparents, Mommy and Daddy are getting 2 nights to themselves!!

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