Joshua - 4 Months

 Hello smiley 4 month old baby!!!  I can't even concentrate on typing looking at that adorable face.  What can I say.  You are too cute!  Not too much is new this month.  Well, there is the fact that you are now rocking a Mohawk.  Not by mama's choice, but it is what it is, that full head of hair is starting to fall out.  I am anticipating the day it starts growing back, hoping it is the bleach blonde that both your brother and sister had.  Speaking of that head of yours, we are also dealing with cradle cap, which is no fun. 


As far as your temperament goes, you are still our easy going happy boy.  We are noticing maybe the first signs of teething, with some very random fussy spurts.  You are still sleeping through the night, and taking 3 naps per day.  You like the car, and your bed.  You love sleeping in your crib.  Which is awesome!

No stats of height and weight until next week, but you are eating (by eating I still mean just the bottle) really well, and I have no concerns. 

 We love you baby boy!!


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