A Double Dinner From the Grill.

This past weekend we grilled kabobs (minus the skewers because to me that is just too much work) and had a ton leftover.  I always make too much of this dish.  Matt always takes leftovers for the next days lunch, so he had that, with the leftover rice, and corn.  So last night I made it into a "double dinner" and reheated it in a skillet.  It was so good.  I love a nice easy dinner, and this one was fantastic because it still had that off the grill taste to it.
I made some noodles as a side, along with a nice fresh salad.
And my famous fruit salad, you know the find whatever fruit is in the house and add it in.
It made for a very simple but tasty weeknight meal!

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  1. Anonymous25.4.12

    Looks good!! I love when you can get two meals out of one. Thanks for sharing.