Blankey Babies

Both Matthew and Lilly were both blankey babies. So I just figure Joshua will be as well.  It is so fun looking back through old pictures of the kids with there favorite thing. It is also funny to see how badly the blankets have faded, and been beat up over the years.

It took Matthew the longest to get attached to his, I would say it was around 4 or 5 months.

{Our trip to Disney, sleeping with Blankey on the ferry ride.}

With Lilly she was pretty much attached to hers from day one.
{Matthew and Lilly with both of there blankeys}

{Lilly with her blanket dressed up like a kitten for Halloween}

So deciding on a blanket for Joshua was kind of a big deal for me.  I wanted something sturdy but also soft and snuggly.  I found the one below at Nordstrom and love it. 

Now both Matthew and Lilly only use their blankets at bedtime and if we are watching a movie.  We also let them take them in the car if we are making a long trip.  We really haven't discussed taking them away at all.  I would love to have something left of them to put in their box of baby items.  I don't think it is something we will push, because I don't see it as a problem right now. 

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