Unplanned Moments.

This past weekend we took the opportunity to spend some time with Matt on a show site.  He had a 4 hour window on Sunday where if we went to the Kennedy Center (where the event was taking place) he could spend time with us.  The event was Nordic Cool and was really neat.  The photo below is made completely out of legos....

They also had lego tables set up for the kids, and IPads.  The kids loved it.

 {Lilly's Lego creation}

{Even with all the cool activities, there favorite part was getting to spend time with their Daddy}

We also took advantage of the BEAutiful weather, with a walk out on the Terrace Level.  It has some great views of the city, and the river.

Joshua obviously didn't really realize where he was, but also had a good afternoon.

{he is too cute, right!}

It was a completely unplanned day.  We had planned on Matt working, and after church I was just going to go home and hang with the kids for the day.  I RARELY do anything that isn't written in my planner, organized for weeks in advance.  It was a great day, and makes me realize that sometimes the best day/moments are those that just happen.  I need to go with the flow more often, and not be afraid or stressed out about knowing every little detail of a location or event.

Oh, and this is just another reason I love this city, oh you know, random Sunday spent at the Kennedy Center, hanging out.  No Big Deal.

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