How To Organize Stickers

As I have developed my paper planning into more of a creative outlet/hobby I have collected a large amount of stickers.  From functional planning stickers, to seasonal decorative stickers, they all need a place to "live"  My friend Kim from Living The Wife Life gave me the idea to use a Jonathan Adler Presentation Book (mine was found at Barnes and Noble) to store stickers.  I have loved that system, but have also added in using a simple accordion file folder to use my most reached for stickers.

Most stickers I tend to use in my planner are from Etsy.  This unfortunately like most hobbies is not cheap, but it's my thing, and I love it!  I almost always am waiting on a package to arrive, and lets face it, Mail makes me happy!

The thing with most sticker Etsy shops, the processing time before shipment can be a long wait.  It can be frustrating, but just be sure you order in advance of when you will need a certain sticker.

Now, for some favorite Etsy Shops.

1. Krissyannedesigns  - This is by far my favorite shop, and where I have most of my stickers from.  From the quality to Customer Service, and everything in between Kristen has nailed it.  Unfortunately you will see her shop is on a short break.  I may be going through withdrawal already, but I will be sure to let you all know when she is back (after making my first LARGE order of course!).

2.  lilliehenry  - Another very popular, and well reviewed shop, her stickers do not disappoint.  The quality is outstanding!

3. SribblePrintsCo  - I love how functional these stickers are.  With a glossy texture, these are a bit different than my other favorites.  I love the monthly themed sticker sheets.  

4. stickerswashiandmore - I think my very first sticker purchase off Etsy was from this shop.  I love her simple designs, and have always had great customer service from her shop as well.

Other places I find stickers for my planner are, Target, Container Store, Paper Source, Michaels, Hobby Lobby.

I hope the video below helps show how I categorize and organize my growing sticker collection.

**I am in no way sponsored or given products from Erin Condren's website. I do receive credits for purchases made through my referral link (anyone can gain referrals!) which I use to purchase new products. Any Etsy shops mentioned or stickers have all been purchased with my own money.

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