January Recap and February Goals 2015

January started of with Joshua Turning 2.  He really loved the show Paw Patrol, so I attempted to create his cake to match.  It was a struggle, but making the kids cakes myself is something I try to do each birthday.

This month has been a bit chaotic in our routine and schedule.  The "snow" has caused so many delays and school cancellations.  As you can see, the amount of actual snow has been minimal, but any chance of precipitation turns our area upside down.

January has been a bit tiring as well.  My husband has been traveling for work, and it's been just me and the kiddos with no real breaks.  Let's just say that McD's sweet tea has saved my sanity a few times.

 I am excited that February is here, for no real reason in particular, other than it is one month closer to nice weather!

So for February, here are a few things I hope to accomplish.

1.  I have a few household management things I need to tie up loose ends with.  Getting everything in order after the move was put on hold during the holidays.  I have been making great progress, but still have a few things that need finished.

2.  TAXES.  Everyone hates to do them, I am no exception to that.  I am waiting on one form and then we should be able to finish them for this year!!

3.  I really want to get the kids clothing organized.  I usually wait to do this during a time when the seasons are changing, however it is too out of control.  I need to go through drawers and purge things that are not being worn or do not fit.

4.  Be consistent online.  While I don't need to post each and everyday, I do want to keep up with posting on all forms of social media.  It is hard to balance, but I have found It is easier to stick with it if I am posting regularly.

What are some of your goals for the month?  I would love to hear them in the comments below!

Also you can watch my full recap and goals video below!

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