Happy 6th Birthday Matthew!!!!

Today, my biggest little one is now 6 years old.  Wow.  SIX, how is that possible.  We are past the writing of weights, heights and milestones.  

Some awesome things that have happened in the past year for Matthew....

He became a big brother, again!

He has learned to read, and gets better everyday.

He has formed this gigantic love of anything competitive.  He loves playing baseball, football, basketball.  He will watch anything, and I mean anything on tv that includes a winner and loser.

He graduated Kindergarten!

He went the entire school year with perfect scores on all divisions of his report card, and not one time did the teacher have anything negative to say.  

He also Lost his first tooth!

Now we are gearing up for first grade, fall baseball, and just wrapping up a busy week at basketball camp.

He is a very active, entertaining, funny, amazing kid, who I love so much.  Him and his Dad are best buds, he takes such good care of his little sister and brother, is kind, and gives the best hugs.

Happy Birthday Matthew!!!  

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  1. Happy birthday to your biggest!!!