Joshua - Seven Months

Isn't it crazy how a month goes bye without many milestones, and the next it is like you have a completely different baby?  The past 2ish weeks this little guy has changed, grown, and learned so much.  He is much different than my other boy, in the sense that he isn't moving yet, but has found his voice.

Although not crawling, he sits like a champ, rolls, squirms, and wiggles his way around quite well. 

He is saying Mama, Dada, Baba, the usual stuff.  Mama was first, and he usually only says it when he is upset, tired, whiny.  Which makes me think he knows exactly what it means!  He also plays peak-a-boo which is adorable, and is mimicking clapping, high 5's and making sounds.  He has 2 teeth on the bottom and 1 on the top.  He still LOVES his big brother and sister (I make them stand behind me with the camera to get the good smiles!) and he has also discovered our kitty, Callie.  The pics above are him petting her.   

We took another trip to the beach this month, and he loved it much more than the first, and still thinks sand is pretty tasty.  He did great on our 8 hour car ride, and showed no shyness to his Grandma and Papa.  He is starting to cry when handed off to anyone but Mommy and Daddy, but did great with Grandma and Papa, and his Great Grandma too!

Sleep and Napping are still going great, he sleeps through the night, and usually takes 2 big naps during the day.  He also LOVES food.  We are still doing some homemade purees, but have mainly switched to baby led.  There isn't anything we give him that he won't eat, it has sort of become this game to us.  

Until Next Month....

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