August Goals


So I never got around to July Goals, so there isn't much to recap.  I am glad I skipped July.  That really is the one month that I should fully focus on making memories with the kids during summer vacation.  That isn't to say I didn't get a lot done.  I started filming regularly on my YouTube Channel, and blogging more consistently as well.   I got some organization projects done, and got through what seemed like a million trips to the doctor for just physicals and check-ups for everyone, including the dentist.  Now that we are moving into the end of our summer and back to school is right around the corner I need to get back on track.  August is going to be busy!  We started off the month (this past weekend) with a trip south to visit family.  Once we are back and settled we go into camps, Matthew's Birthday, Joshua's Baptism, and Labor Day.  So here are my goals for the month ahead.

{one} Continue budgeting our finances more closely.  We realized a few months ago that we were eating out entirely way too often.  It really is a huge waste of money, so we redid our budget with big goals over the next year, and I really want to stick with it and save, save, save.

{two} Going along with one, I really need to get back into smart grocery shopping.  I am not crazy about coupons, but they can save you money, if you use them (that last part is important!)  I always meal plan, but have gotten of my grocery shopping routine.  My goal for August is 2 grocery trips and really sticking to my budget and NOT going to the store in between trips (except for bananas because we ALWAYS run out of bananas.)

{three} Give my son an AMAZING 6th birthday, and try to not go cry in a corner all day because I somehow have a six year old.

{four}  Back to school prep, I don't even really know what the goal for this is, I guess just survive.

{five} Make some freezer meals.  I am hoping to stock the freezer with easy dinners, and also breakfast items, to make the beginning of the school year easier! 

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