Trips to Grandma's Just Got SO Much More Fun!

Saying goodbye to my childhood home a few months ago wasn't easy.  The trade off, well one, my parents love their new home, and two, we love visiting them there!  This past week we took one last trip of the summer and headed south.  The kids had tons of questions about Grandma and Papa's new home.  As soon as we arrived, they realized how much more fun it would be.  

Instead of wooded trail, snow, and more snow this is the new life for them.  My parents now live on a golf course in SC that is about 5 minutes from the beach.  They have 2 pools to chose from, a screened in porch, and warm sunny weather!

My kids are no stranger to the beach, and were so excited so share the time with my parents.  It is there new favorite place in the world, and I have been asked countless times if we could move there.

It was a very relaxing end of summer trip, and we can't wait to go back. So while we won't be making trips to Clarion, PA my hometown very often (or ever) we all think that their new home is pretty great too!

This is my husband "on vacation" not working.  At least he was out of the office!

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  1. This does make me sad as your chapter in Clarion comes to an end :(