A Day In The Life - Summer 2013

It's crazy how quickly the phases of life with kids pass so quickly.  Sometimes the most memorable days are just the normal ordinary ones, at the same time, those are the ones that, I feel, fade from my long-term memory.  I want to remember this crazy, chaotic, hectic time, and look back on it seeing how wonderful it was.  It is also JD's schedule as a 6 month old.  A time where one week can change so much from the next.

So here it is a day in our life!

6am - I roll over completely asleep, say goodbye to my husband for the day, with a quick smooch, which I am sure to forget, no important conversations are permitted during this time....I never remember saying goodbye in the mornings.

7am - It's summer that means sleeping in, late breakfast, pj's till noon, right?  Isn't that why everyone becomes a SAHM?  WRONG!  I start to get little visitors into my room, those who have been told time and time again that they are not to wake up till  7:30, being the stubborn person that I am, I send them back to bed.  I know mean Mommy.

7:30am - (on the dot) Doors swing open and the kids are wide awake ready to get dressed.  Luckily they both can pick out their clothes and dress themselves, buying me a few more minutes.

{Sometimes camp outs in the hallway are the only way mama can get a shower}

7:30ish - This is when I start hearing JD in the crib, he wakes up happy everyday.  The big kids head into the room to talk to him, I drag my butt out of bed to make a bottle.  Oh and did I mention, my littlest child sleeps through the night, so don't feel too bad for me having to wake up so early!

8:00am - (on a good day)  After feeding JD in my bed, I then change him, and head downstairs to make breakfast, JD get put in the highchair to munch on toast or fruit, I make the big kids something, and then feed them all.  Joshua has either a fruit puree or oatmeal in the mornings.

9:00am - JD goes down for his nap.  I am telling you he is an excellent sleeper!   I then shower (if I'm lucky) get dressed, and start chores.  Dishes, Laundry, Cleaning....you know what ever has been neglected the longest.  My husband would say that would be dusting, however it NEVER gets done!

10:30ish - Depending on what we have planned for the day, we head out.  Library, Play Date, Park, Pool.... you get it.  JD sometimes has to be woken to leave....

{The day your baby can ride in the cart at the grocery store and your other two older children can walk and be behaved, game changer, right there!}

12:30pm - Lunch Time.  If we are out it is usually picnic style, JD has a veggie and a fruit puree.  After, while I clean up, the kids get to play.

1:30ish - JD gets a bottle, Lilly gets ready for nap.  We read and heads to bed.  Matthew reads for about a half hour.  This is quiet time.  JD and Lilly have been on a good stretch of napping at the same time which is AWESOME!  Matthew either plays quietly in the play room, gets some time for video games/TV, or does math/reading worksheets.  Me, I either, do housework (HA, ok that rarely happens) I blog, catch up on email, meal plan, watch trashy tv, cuddle Matthew to "watch" aka nap while he watches a show.

{An Organization project I actually had some time to finish}
4pm - the house comes back to life.  Lilly is up, JD is up and has another bottle, kids get snack, either play outside (if it is really hot we stick to indoors) and the countdown to Daddy begins!

6pm - 3 days a week Matthew has baseball, so that makes our evenings hectic.  On a non baseball night, Matt gets home, Dinner is ready, we eat.  JD has a veggie puree, and some soft fruit chunks (peaches, banana, steamed apple) for dinner.  Then it's Daddy play time, easiest part of my day!

7:30ish - clean up time, kids get bathed/ showered, hair/teeth brushed, JD has his last bottle of the day, we read books, say prayers, drink water, go pee, and head to bed!

 {Lately we have had some company past the 8pm bedtime, this habit will be broken before Sept!}

8pm - lights out.  kids are asleep.  Matt does any leftover dishes/cleans table, counters, floors, and garbage (he's a keeper, I know!) while I finish up laundry, clean up the living room.... I really hate going to bed with a cluttered living room or kitchen.

11pmish - Bedtime.  From 8-11 we watch tv, I work on the computer or planner, I make the next day's to-do list..... just relax. 

{A Normal daily to-do list.  They never get done....never.}

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  1. I just came across your lovely blog, and I can so relate to your day having three little ones of my own! It's nice to find another SAHM blogger in Northern Va! Looking forward to following you :)