Joshua's Baptism

{I was so proud I designed and printed the invitations myself}

This weekend was so wonderful.  Saturday we celebrated the baptism of Joshua.  Matthew and Lilly were both baptized within the first weeks/months of their life.  With Joshua due to scheduling issues, it couldn't get done until he was almost 8 months old.  It was a great day, and he was so good through it all.

Our family of 5.  This may actually be our first real picture of all of us together and JD not in the Boba.

We got to spend the day with those we love most, and missed those who couldn't make it. 

He loved the water.  He actually kept trying to squirm his way back in after he was done.  The priest did say that it was heated, so that probably helped.

Afterward we hosted a small get together and lunch at our home.  I kept it simple and went with a lot of store bought items.  I served:

Croissant Sandwich (which I bought from Costco)
Turkey Roll Ups (Also from Costco)
Home Made Pasta Salad
Potato Salad (From Target)
Home Made Deviled Eggs
Fruit Kabobs
Veggie Tray
Meat and Cheese Tray
Home Made Cupcakes

{Things I loved about the food: The fruit kabobs they are so pretty and a little different/ Using peppers as dip holders/ Mixing store bought and home made, keeping it simple so as the hostess I can still enjoy the day}

Yet another milestone for Joshua, and the perfect day.

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  1. The invitations looks awesome! Great job designing them! BTW I'm a new follower and I found you from the Five on Friday series.

  2. Aw how lovely, what a great day!