Baptism Photos

Yesterday I posted all about Joshua's Baptism, today I am sharing the cutest photos I have ever seen..... I know I am biased, but when editing these I couldn't help but just smile over and over. 

When our first boy was baptized, he wore the same outfit that my husband wore for his.  It had sentimental value, and we were so lucky that my mother had saved it, and given it to us.  For Lilly we bought a dress.  We actually found it at Burlington Coat Factory, and it was perfect.  Joshua was too big to wear his brothers, so we needed something new.  I looked in stores but we ended up purchasing off of Ebay.  It was new with tags, but perfect.  Little ones wear this outfit 1 day, for at most a few hours.  There is no need to spend a ton of money, they would look adorable in a sak. 

I will say though, make sure you save that little outfit, how great would it be if someday you see your grandchild wearing the same on their baptism day.


These photos are so special to me, I could look at them all day, forever. 

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